5 Reasons Why Winter Is My Favourite Season ❄️

If you’ve been around this part of the woods for a while, you’ll know that winter is my favourite season. Nearly everyone else and their dog is a summer person, but I really hate summer. I don’t like hot weather or summer clothes or sunshine or anything like that because I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to be outside and do things during the summer which is not what I want to do. I’m fine enough doing things indoors where I don’t have to wear a million grams of suncream and sunglasses and also where my radiator is. There’s no pressure to do anything outdoors in the winter and nobody says that you’re “wasting” it by staying inside. So aside from that, here are five reasons why winter is my favourite.

Here’s a fun fact about me: I don’t have a “summer wardrobe” I really don’t. I hate wearing shorts and dresses (unless I’m getting dressed up for something fancy) because I hate showing off my arms and legs and I also cannot function without a coat or a jacket of some sort. I pretty much wear jeans all year round no matter how hot it is and I just feel better in winter clothes. I love wearing coats, scarves, boots, and things like that because I value being warm outside and also looking somewhat cute at the same time. Speaking of boots, I also hate having my feet on show. Sandals are just awful because my feet get cold really easily, are always covered in cuts or blisters, and sandals mean they get so dirty at the end of the day. Nasty.

I am not a fan of hot weather at all. I hate being hot and sticky and sweating all the time because I just don’t see any fun in it. Especially when it gets so hard that I end up struggling to be able to breathe comfortably. Yes, that’s a thing that happens sometimes. Plus, when it’s so hot outside there’s kind of a pressure to go outside where there’s sunlight and bugs and pollen which doesn’t exist in the winter. Also, no coats in summer. I can’t survive outside if I’m not wearing a coat.

I will admit, though, that I’m not a huge fan of snow or icy paths. I prefer to stay inside but I like being about to move around easily when I am outdoors. Thankfully, snow is a rare occasion in Britain now so I don’t really have to worry about that (it started snowing while i was writing this post. don’t tempt fate, kids). Overall, I just feel so much better when it’s colder outside. I know that most people get affected negatively by the cold, but I’m the exact opposite where I feel better when it’s cold, and worse when it’s hot. Maybe I’ll move somewhere where it’s always cold so I never have to experience hot weather ever again. Cold is easier to deal with than hot. If you’re cold, you can just put more layers on or spoon a radiator. What do you do when you’re hot? Rip your skin off? Something else equally horrific and potentially violent?

PSL is amazing and all, but holiday drinks are even better. But not from Starbucks, though, because I don’t like their holiday coffee. I’ve tried the gingerbread one and it was a huge nope and I don’t even know what eggnog is so I definitely don’t want it in coffee. Also, the toffee nut one isn’t for me. Costa, however, does the absolute best festive hot chocolates in the world. I usually go for mint, but they also do flavours like black forest (which I should try) and they now do billionaire’s hot chocolate and lattes which I’m not sure if I like. I tried the latte before and thought it was a wee bit heavy but maybe the hot chocolate is better. And I can’t forget about mulled wine. I’m usually very picky when it comes to wine, but mulled wine is so good. Especially when you’re walking around a Christmas market in the freezing cold.

I must have been a cat in a previous life because I just love being warm and cosy. Apart from the actual duvet on my bed (which i am currently chilling underneath while writing this post) there are currently four throw blankets in my bedroom. I love blankets so much that I even use them in the summer when it’s too hot to use them because I don’t believe in summer and refuse to take part in it. Even though I do have a million blankets, I do always use one because it’s sort of special to me. If you didn’t know, I’m a Girl Guide leader and I’ve been involved in Guiding since I started Brownies at seven. Unlike Girl Scouts in the USA, instead of putting our patches on a sash, we put them on a blanket that is supposed to be used for camping. But I don’t go camping because my fellow leaders aren’t very accommodating to picky eaters like me. Anyway, at this point, I now have around fifteen years worth of patches on my blanket and because I’m a leader now I’m still getting more. Patch collecting is something that I’ve really gotten into recently and I now get them from places I travel to. When I went to the USA this year I bought fifteen patches to put on my blanket and most of them were from the Smithsonian museums. And we didn’t even go into every single museum in Washington D.C.

I feel like this is pretty much a given but then again not everybody celebrates Christmas. I used to celebrate Christmas in a religious way, but I haven’t been a member of any church for a while now so I celebrate it the secular way instead. I’m not the most sociable of people and giant crowds make me want to crawl into a hole and cry, but I like the atmosphere of the holiday season. Most people just seem nicer at this time of year. Emphasis on “most”, though because there are always people who ruin it by taking their stress out on other people.

In my family, we don’t really have a lot of traditions for Christmas apart from the usual one of wearing brand new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. I’m presuming that’s a usual thing because I know a lot of people who do that. Our other tradition is that we always go to my grandparents’ house on Boxing Day because that’s their wedding anniversary but I guess that doesn’t really count as a Christmas tradition. The only bad thing about that is that my mum’s side of the family are very big drinkers and my aunties get louder the more they drink. I’m autistic and I don’t do well with noise so I always end up escaping into the back room with one or all of the dogs.

What’s your favourite season? Am I alone in my love of winter or are there other cold-lovers out there?

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