Sweet Evil Read-Along: Week 2

This week’s topic is: Citrus or pear recipes!

I’m not really a fruity person, so I’ll share what me and my friends usually make for parties, which is our ‘special’ fruit punch:


  • 1 carton of orange juice
  • 1 carton cranberry juice
  • 1 carton tropical fruit juice
  • 1 quarter lemonade
  • 1 shot of vodka or tequila (don’t tell my parents!)
  • Gummy snakes!

Directions (from what I can remember):

  1. Line a large bowl of the base of a cocktail fountain with the gummy snakes
  2. Add in the fruit juices and mix them together
  3. Add in the lemonade and mix again
  4. Add in the shot of vodka or tequila and mix once more
  5. Enjoy!
I don’t have any pictures of what it looks like, but it’s really yummy!

Remember, I’ll be posting my full review of Sweet Evil when the read-along is over, so keep a look out for it!

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