Sweet Evil Read-Along: Week 1

This week’s topic is road trips! I go on at least one road trip every year for when I go on holiday but I don’t really call them road trips since they’re with the family. The furthest I’ve ever been in the car was to Lake Maggiore in Italy. Why road trips? We can’t afford to fly and my mother hates flying. Since I can’t drive and I highly doubt that my dad would trust me to drive his car cross-continent, I’m going to list:

My Top 5 Necessities for the Back-Seat Passenger

#5 : Sunglasses

My sunglasses are an absolute must for road-trips. I need my eyesight to read and I really don’t want to be squinting for the whole trip or I’d end up with crow’s feet! And who wants those?

#4: Comfy clothes
I have to be incredibly careful about getting blood clots in my legs for medical reasons so I have to wear comfortable clothes in the car so that I can put my feet up. I often wear these slippers in the car because they’re comfortable and they’re fuzzy on the inside so my feet won’t get too cold from the air conditioning!

#3: Sugar!
I must, must, must have sugar during a long car journey or I’ll fall asleep in the car, miss my favourite songs and lose valuable reading time. And I can’t afford to lose that! I’m particularly fond of jelly beans and chewy sweets since chocolate melts so easily. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve gotten out of the car and found melted chocolate on my bum. I also need a bottle of Coca-Cola to feed my horrific Coke addition. Seriously, I’ll probably end up with no teeth from the amount of Coke that I’ve drank in my life.
#2: A good pair of headphones and awesome music
Since we always go in my dad’s car, we have to listen to the music on his iPod. My dad’s music taste is very hit-or-miss with me. Some of the things he listens to is really good (for example, Kate Bush, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac) and there are other things that I just cannot bear to listen to (10cc and Level 42 are among my least favourites) so I always bring my iPod and my best pair of headphones because my dad turns up his music loud so that he doesn’t fall asleep.
One of my favourite albums to listen to in the car is Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins. It feels so awesome to listen to the guitar solo from Cherub Rock while driving down a really big hill.
#1: A good book!
Please ignore the nail file. I needed something
to keep the cover down and it was the
closest thing to me >.<

 Of course I have to have a good book with me! Despite the numerous times that some of my relatives have told me that they can’t read in the car because it “makes them feel sick” (lightweights) I absolutely love reading in the car. It’s the ultimate way to pass the time since I can’t be bothered to do what my brother does and watch a film on one of the portable DVD players that we have and even though I love a good film, I prefer to watch one when I’m not bouncing around, the film isn’t on a tiny screen, I can’t hear my dad’s music and it doesn’t abruptly stop when the car engine is turned off. Books don’t turn off when the car is turned off!

I’ll be posting my review of Sweet Evil when the read-along is over, so keep your eyes out for it!

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