Stacking the Shelves: October 2014

Stacking the Shelves is a book haul meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

Hi-diddily-ho, gang! How has your month been? For me, it hasn’t been too great. I went back to university last month and I’m already freaking out about my assignments among other things. At the beginning of this month, I had a minor health scare that turned out to just be me being a total hypochondriac, and then I got a cold, and I’ve just been in a pretty foul mood. That’s the main reason as to why I didn’t post any reviews all month, and I’ve just not had the chance to read. I’m sad to see that my Halloween event didn’t exactly go as planned, but at least I know the better way to organise things if I choose to do it again next year (I may participate in Oh! The Books‘ Horror October event next year because they’re way more organised than I am). I’ll be back to normal posts next week!

As for next month, I really need to knuckle down and focus on my assignments because I have two essays due in the middle of the month, and I have a creative writing assignment due in the beginning of December. I might make some posts here and there and I’ll be around to read posts and comment on them but I probably won’t be able to do some actual reading until December when I’m on Christmas break. I’ve had the idea of doing some wintery/Christmas themed reviews and posts, but nothing as big as what I’d hoped to do this month.

Also, I need some help! Lately I’ve felt like I’ve outgrown the blog name Nerdette Reviews, and I’ve been thinking about changing my blog name. For the fourth time. I don’t really think that Nerdette Reviews feels like me anymore, and I don’t think that it’s very original (I had a scroll through Bloglovin and found so many blogs with the word ‘nerd’ in its name. not that there’s anything wrong with it) so I feel like it’s time to change it up. I want something to do with aliens or space, and the word ‘Xenomorph’ was sticking out in my mind but not so much now because I watched Aliens (which is where the term is introduced) and I was really disappointed by it (‘Nostromo’ was stuck in my head too, but nah). If I do ever come up with something, I probably won’t change it for a while because a new blog name definitely calls for a new design, and I’d rather go for something more professional than something thrown together by myself. If you have any ideas or think you could help out, feel free to give me a hand!

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At the beginning of the month, I went to two student lock-ins (that’s where a shopping centre is only open to students (although other people do manage to get in somehow) for one evening and tons of shops have discount) and I told myself that I wasn’t going to leave either of them without at least one book. I got Afterworlds at the first one (I bought mostly clothes at that one, which is really unlike me), and I got Fahrenheit 451, Deep Blue (which is printed in blue ink!), Allegiant, and Superman: Red Son at the second one (I spent £43 in Waterstones that night!). And on the day before that, I got Forever Odd (which I’ve been hunting down for a little while now), The Infinite Sea, and Psycho. The same guy served me in those two days, and each time he talked to me about my books (he told me that the end of Odd Thomas destroyed him too). I also finally got a copy of Afterworlds, which I’m itching to read ASAP because I’ve waited on this book for so long (I’m also extremely bitter about how I didn’t get to meet Scott Westerfeld when he came to the UK, because he pretty much only went to London, and that’s way too far for me to travel).
What books did you get? Leave me a link and I’ll pop by!


  1. 27/10/2014 / 1:20 PM

    I just received a copy of Ruin & Rising, so I'm really excited to read that, and the Iron King by Julie Kagawa (really late to the party on this one)

    Just want to add that the UK cover of Afterworlds is really pretty.

  2. 28/10/2014 / 3:25 AM

    I LOVE THRONE OF GLASS. It's absolutely my favourite series…well, one of my favourite series. I do have a lot I'm in love with. hehe. Allegiant is awesome, too, and I've heard really good things about Afterworlds!

    ohh, good luck with changing your blog name! I'm about to change mine too, and it's SO freaky. I really didn't want something with "book" in the title, because I feel like every other book blogger has that and I want to stand out. So I hope you find the perfect name. Fingers crossed!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

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