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Another month means another genre-specific watchlist, and naturally this month I’ve made up a sci-fi watchlist which in unsurprisingly long. I’ve gathered up movies and shows that I own on DVD, are available on demand, and also a couple that are out in cinemas this month so I’ve got a lot of things to watch. Overambitious watchlists are my forte at this point in my life.
I already tweeted a photo of my physical watchlist for this month but not everything I want to watch is in my DVD collection (which is surprising because my collection is huge). If you’re not familiar with the concept of a watchlist, it’s just like a TBR but with movies and TV shows instead of books, and mine tend to be much, much bigger than my TBRs ever are.




Futurama – I’m actually watching Futurama (or listening to it, rather) while writing this post because I was too eager to get started on watching it for the millionth time since I was three or four. I only have the first four seasons on DVD which suits me fine because those are the episodes I prefer and have somehow committed to memory without even realising it. I just love me some Futurama, man. So much that my Twitter handle is a reference to it.
Alien series – I’ve already seen the original Alien series but I’m happy to watch it again because now I have Prometheus and Alien: Covenant to watch which have received mixed reactions, but that doesn’t bother me because most of my favourite movies got mixed reactions. Plus, Alien: Covenant is supposed to be mega scary which excites me because I prefer these movies to actually be scary rather than just action movies in space with aliens.
DCEU (minus Wonder Woman) – The reason why I haven’t put Wonder Woman onto my giant pile is because I consider it to be a fantasy movie, rather than sci-fi. Diana’s a demigoddess who uses magical weapons to fight other mythological beings, so that makes it fantasy. This does, however, include Justice League which I am so excited for I could cry. And yes, I did like Batman v Superman. I wouldn’t own it on Blu-Ray if I didn’t. also, watch the ultimate edition. it’s way better because the pacing issues are fixed.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Technically this is a romance movie but there still is a lot of sci-fi elements in it. This is one of my favouriteΒ movies ever partly because of the sci-fi elements in it but also because it looks at the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope and then completely smashes it to pieces, which is just the best thing ever.
Godzilla (2014) – I watched the original Japanese Godzilla movie just this week but it’s been a few years since I’ve seen the 2014Β US remake, which I like just as much as the original. I did plan to watch this movie last month but I’ve moved it onto my watchlist for this month because this one is definitely more sci-fi while the original is a horror movie.



DC Animated Original Movies – There are a lot of these movies and I’m not going to watch all of them for three reasons: 1) I don’t own all of them 2) I don’t have the time to watch all of them 3) most of them are Batman movies, and I’m very particular about whether Batman stories can be considered sci-fi or not (i usually tend to say no to that because batman is a detective who fights criminals, which places him under the crime genre). Most of the DC animated movies I will be watching are either Superman or Justice League movies, with Green Lantern thrown in there too. I may watch Batman vs Two-Face though if I get a copy this month.
Monsters Inc. – Does this movie count as sci-fi? I hope it does because it’s my favourite Pixar movie that I own because I still don’t have a copy of The Incredibles yet. *slaps wrist* Besides, Wikipedia says that it is, so I’ll have to go with them.
Muppets from Space – This one probably isn’t a fully-fledged sci-fi movie either but it’s got the word “space” in it and has aliens in it, so on the list it shall go. Plus, Gonzo is one of my favourite Muppets and this movie focuses on him.
Predator series – So far I’ve only seen the first Predator movie, which is absolutely dripping in testosterone, but I do still want to watch the other movies which I have on DVD. Hopefully, there are more women in those than the first.
Star Trek movies – There are currently thirteen Star Trek movies and I’ve only seen the ones that either has the original Enterprise crew or the crew from the alternate universe. I am hoping to finally watch the TNG movies this year, so we shall see how I do with that.



Terminator series – The first two Terminator movies are actually the only James Cameron movies that I like. No, really. I didn’t like Alien that much, I couldn’t be bothered with Avatar and I hate Titanic with the burning passion of a star about to explode. Ahem. I’ve already seen all of these movies and I like all of them so obviously, I don’t mind watching them again.
Thor: Ragnarok – Let me be extremely honest with you all, friends: I am keeping my expectations of this movie relatively low. I’m not a huge Marvel fan (in fact, i’m not a marvel fan at all), and the Thor movies are the only ones that I like. However, the direction that this movie has decided to take isn’t exactly rubbing me the right way. Plus, the reviews that recent MCU movies have gotten in the past couple of years are just truly baffling to me because they read like bad reviews but they’re not. I will be going to see it in the cinema, but my expectations will be low to neutral going in. I might review it if I feel strongly enough about it.
Men in Black – Fun fact: the beginning of this movie scared me so much when I was a child that I still haven’t seen the full movie. Which is actually the same reason why I haven’t seen the Schwarzenegger Total Recall movie, but that’s irrelevant. For the past couple of months, I’ve been watching an obscene amount of Fresh Prince so I had to watch at least one Will Smith movie. And now I will be watching two because he’s also in Suicide Squad.
Spaceballs – Last month I watched Young Frankenstein, which was also directed by Mel Brooks and because Spaceballs has been on my Netflix list since the dawn of time, I figured that there’s no better time to watch it than now.
Star Wars – Guess who still hasn’t seen the original Star Wars movies? No points for guessing right. I told myself last year that I would watch the original trilogy before The Force Awakens came out and I still haven’t watched them. And now they’ve disappeared from my on demand box so I’ll have to go hunting for them.



Watchmen – This is the fourth Zack Snyder movie I plan to watch this month and I have no regrets because I like his movies without any shame. I have read the original Watchmen comic and I’ve already seen this movie before so I know what’s the same and what’s different. And what’s different is mainly the ending. And the fact that the team actually call themselves “Watchmen”. But they used the comic as a storyboard, which is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.
The Avengers: Age of Ultron – I know that I just said that I’m not a Marvel fan, but I personally believe that you should watch something before declaring whether it’s good or not. Apparently, Age of Ultron isn’t very good, but I wouldn’t know because when it was first released in cinemas, I didn’t go see it because I forgot it even existed. Oops. (the same thing happened with guardians of the galaxy 2 but i never had any interest in those movies to begin with.)
The Thing – This is probably the scariest movie on this list and is definitely one that I will be watching with the lights on. Body horror is the main type of horror that really unsettles me and that’s what a lot of the scary stuff in The Thing is. Good thing I have about fifteen blankets in my room to hide under.
Star Trek: Discovery – I know that I’ve already planned to watch every Trek movie this month, but if I didn’t watch Discovery I would be giving myself a slap on the wrist for eternity. As soon as this series was announced I almost died from excitement. And then they announced that the captain is a black woman. Finally.
Jurrasic Park – I haven’t seen a single Jurrasic Park movie. Not a single one and I’m not sure why. I’ve never been a dinosaur person (partly because when i grew up in the early 2000s, dinosaurs were still considered a ‘boy thing’) and for the longest time, I thought these movies were supposed to be scary. I was wrong.


Are you planning to watch anything in particular this month? Have you seen any of the movies or shows I’ve mentioned? Am I overambitious for making a list this long??

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