Scary Moments in Not-So-Scary Things

Have you ever been watching/reading/playing something that is totally not scary or freaky or anything like that, and then out of nowhere something totally weird and scarring happens? In my childhood, it happened quite a lot, and being the kind of person who gets scared really easily, I figured that I would tell you guys about some of the most notable scary moments that I remember.

You might not think that these things are particularly scary or even all that freaky/weird, but the thing to bear in mind is that when I was a child, everything scared me, and I still get scared of a lot of things now as an adult. This post didn’t really fit into a ‘Top 10’ very well (I’ve already done two Top 10 lists and I have another one coming up, which will be the last!), so I’m just going to ramble on about them a bit.

(not the best gif i’ve made but i did the best i could)
Killer Croc battle – Batman: Arkham Asylum

This boss battle (if it can be classified as a boss battle) takes place in the caves below the infamous Arkham Asylum, which is where Killer Croc lives and the guards try to forget about him. Poor guy. The aim is to collect spores for Poison Ivy while fighting off Croc who will every now and then emerge from the water whenever he can hear you coming. How does he know you’re coming? He can hear your footsteps through the water, so you’ve got to walk as slow as possible. Once he can hear you, he jumps out of the water out of completely nowhere and runs towards you. This battle is pretty fucking tense, and the fact that you can constantly hear Croc growling and saying things like “I’ve got your scent, Batman!!” makes it even more tense. And I really don’t do well with jump scares, so every time I replay Arkham Asylum, I kind of dread this part of the game. It’s not even difficult, it just puts me on edge.

The beginning scene of Total Recall

Do you ever have those movie scenes that you see once and it fucks you up so badly that you can’t wait to forget it? For me, it’s the beginning dream sequence in the original Total Recall. What happens is that there are two astronauts on Mars, one of them falls down a crater, smashes his visor and his eyeballs almost explode. The mere thought of bad things happening to eyeballs makes me feel like I’m going to puke, and I saw this scene when I was seven. SEVEN. How did I manage to see that when I was seven? We were on holiday in London and BBC1 used to show movies pretty much every night and the movie on that night happened to be Total Recall. I didn’t know what film it was until recently when a video counted every single Schwarzenegger death. This scene screwed me up so badly that I couldn’t even gif it. No way.
Two-Face’s face – The Dark Knight

There’s a lot of gross and disturbing things not only in the Batman franchise, but the entire DC Universe, one of them being Two-Face’s face. In the comics and cartoon series he doesn’t look too bad, and even in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever he doesn’t look too horrific either, but the one that always sticks out in my mind is how he looks in The Dark Knight. Acid burns look horrendous, but burns just makes me shudder. I mean, just look at the poor guy!

And speaking of poor guys, there’s this unfortunate fellow who got put in a jail cell with the Joker:

*extreme shudder because those stitches look infected*

That fog that turns people inside out – The Simpsons

The day I don’t mention The Simpsons on this blog, will be a very sad day. In the Treehouse of Horror series, there are very few moments that freak me out (and that’s not including the Gracie Films logo at the end, which scared the shit out of me when I was little), but the one thing that will always make me flinch is the inside-out fog. Yuck.

Mrs. Lovett in the furnace – Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is a pretty brutal movie, and I’m perfectly fine with sitting through every single scene where somebody gets their throat cut. Well, the scene where he finally gets his revenge is particularly gruesome. The thing that really made me hide in my clothes in this movie was Mrs Lovett getting shoved into the furnace at the end. ALIVE. How could Tim Burton do this to me? I knew his movies were quirky and spooky, but I never imagined that it could get to be like this!!!

gif by fyspringfield

Cell absorbing people – Dragon Ball Z
Anime can be a variety of things: it can be funny, sad, badass, or downright freaky. You also get anime that can be a combination of all four of those things at the same time, and Dragon Ball Z (my favourite anime of all time btw) can definitely be freaky at times. For me, the most freaky moment in the entire series is Cell’s first appearance, which is marked by tons of random items of clothing lying on the floor. Where are clothes lying around? He absorbed them. And by ‘absorbed’ I mean that he sucked all of the organic material out of their bodies and just left lumps of skin and clothes. Ew. I’ve been watching DBZ since I was about three and that scene still makes me feel nauseated. I just managed to make it into a gif but I didn’t feel to great while I was doing it.

(image source)
This episode of Spongebob. No really.
Feel free to laugh at me, because there is an episode of Spongebob Squarepants that I simply can’t watch. I have seen “Wormy” once in my entire life when it was first aired and I just can’t watch it. Why? I am absolutely terrified of moths. Butterflies also make me feel uneasy but moths just fucking terrify me. Every now and then there’s an extreme close-up of bug that buzzes really loudly and it still gets me every time. I tried to watch it again and I just couldn’t do it, I had to turn it off.

The end quarter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I haven’t been genuinely scared by a book since I was nine, which was when my teacher read Goblet of Fire aloud in class and I sat there almost wetting my pants because I thought that the end (the part where Cedric Diggery is killed, although my memory concerning the Harry Potter series is incredibly fuzzy and doesn’t stretch past GoF) was so scary. I kinda told a fib there because I thought that Anna Dressed in Blood was pretty scary, but that’s a horror book, it’s supposed to be scary and I’m not talking about things that are supposed to be scary.
What’s a moment in a non-scary thing that freaked you out?

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  1. 13/10/2014 / 10:52 AM

    Being burned alive is one of the things I'm scared of, so that scene in Sweeney Todd *shivers* I get scared easily, so I don't watch horror movies if I can skip them. I can't think of any movie at the moment, that suddenly surprised me with a scary moment..

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