Review: The Lucky Ones by Anna Godbersen

The Lucky Ones
Anna Godbersen
Series: Bright Young Things #3
Genre: YA Historical
Released: November 27 2012
by Harper Teen
Source: Purchased
Rating: ★★★★★

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In 1929, the Bright Young Things escape Manhattan’s heat for the lush lawns and sparkling bays of White Cove, looking for leisure, love and luck.

New York City’s latest It Girl, Cordelia Grey, is flying high with celebrity pilot Max Darby. But Max is a private person with a reputation to uphold – and a secret to hide. A public romance with a bootlegger’s daughter could cost him more than just his good name…

Aspiring triple threat Letty Larkspur has finally gotten her big break, but will her talent – and special bond with the married silver-screen star Valentine O’Dell – make her a target in the cutthroat world of Hollywood? Perhaps the ingenue knows how the play the leading lady after all.

Newly married to her longtime sweetheart, socialite Astrid Donal finds herself spending more time with one of her husband’s henchmen than with him. With so many secrets between man and wife, is the honeymoon already coming to an end?

As summer reaches its hottest peak, these sun-kissed girls will find out if their luck can last… or if dark surprises are on the horizon.

The last Bright Young Things book! I wasn’t expecting the series to end so soon but, book three usually seems like a good place to end. I’d preordered this book quite some time ago and then somehow forgot so it was a surprise when it showed up in the post!

I’m not usually the type of jump straight to conclusions, but I definitely think that The Lucky Ones is the best book in the Bright young Things series. I really do. This is the book that had moments which had my heart in my mouth, and moments that made me feel like I wanted to jump into the book and interact with the characters. What I liked the most about the book’s story is that it initially moves at a steady pace with little bumps here and there and then BAM! Right in the feels. I thought that everything moved really well, but the book’s epilogue was just absolutely perfect. There is no way that that epilogue could have been made better.

I mentioned in my review of Beautiful Days that I wasn’t too particular fond of Astrid in the first two books, but in this book I actually started to like her a little bit. Mainly because I felt somewhat sorry for her. I mean, she is married to Charlie after all. She appeared to be acting less shallow and more grown-up. The character that I started to not like as much was Cordelia, which I found to be quite surprising. Cordelia’s personality has changed an awful lot, and she seemed to be a bit mean in this book and I wasn’t too keen on that.

Something I that I thought was pretty neat about the way the story is told is that, for me, the end was a complete surprise. I didn’t pick up on fancy foreshadowing or anything like that, it just caught me by complete surprise. And it was a good surprise!

After I finished this book and closed it, I sat and just stared into space for about a minute, thinking about what had just happened. I’ve totally loved this series and I just couldn’t believe that it was over! As much as I didn’t want it to be over, it feels like it was time and I can always revisit it and get punched in the feels all over again.

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  1. 08/01/2013 / 5:39 PM

    I've read the first book and part of the second, and my reading of it just dwindled off as it is now just sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I like Astria and Cordelia, but Letty got on my nerves. I'll try and pick up the series again!

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