Reaction GIF Masterpost Part 1: Futurama GIFs

Need some new reaction GIFS? I’ve got you covered! In this ongoing series of masterposts, I’m going to be showing off sharing all of my reaction GIFs with you guys for you to use because I’m just so nice. Credit back to my blog isn’t a requirement because all of my GIFs have the ‘exploringbystarlight’ watermark, but if you do credit back that would be nice.

For these posts I’m going to be seperating them out into different TV shows/movies (no video game GIFs, I don’t have the software available to capture video game footage :/), and this time is Futurama GIFs! And prepare yourself, there’s a lot of them… 321 to be exact.

Just a heads up: this post will run quite slowly. Also, the GIFs look really small but they are all actually 400×190; I had to make them smaller in this post to fit them all on.

More GIFs will be coming soon!

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