October is Spooky Month! πŸ¦‡

Happy October, friends!

Even though I am insanely busy this month (*sob*) I’m still going ahead and doing a themed month dedicated to all things spooky! Yay!

Usually, this would be a month dedicated to solely horror, but not everything that is scary or spooky is necessary “horror”, so Spooky Month this shall be!

I don’t have a giveaway this year because I am completely broke (*sob*) but I do still have some great posts planned for throughout the month.

Also, because it’s October, I can finally use this GIF again:

(image source)

*sigh* I love October.

Louise β˜†

Louise is a bookworm, writer, and aspiring librarian from the North East of England. When she’s not reading or procrastinating writing, she can be found dreaming up story ideas, watching anime, movies, or trashy reality TV, and annoying her pets.

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