I Was a Busy Busy Bee in October | October 2019 Recap 📆


Happy Halloween, friends! I hope October has been kind of you all and if you’re out celebrating tonight, remember to stay safe and have fun!

Completely true to form, at the very beginning of the month, I got a cold. I always get a cold at this time of year, and I like to joke that it’s freshers flu, even though I was a fresher in 2013 and I haven’t been to uni for two years. I also had a horrific breakout at the same time and even though I have a pretty intense skincare routine, it gets thrown out the window when I’m sick because I just can’t be bothered to stand at the sink for twenty minutes.

On Mondays, I’ve been going to a games evening for Autistic adults, and it’s been fun but there’s one guy there who just will not leave me alone and I’m getting a little sick of it. I’ve been told that he’s harmless and won’t do anything to me, but he still creeps me out because I’m 24 and he’s 40, and he constantly pesters me like a little kid and one of the first things he asked me was if I had a boyfriend. Ugh. I will be going there tonight for a Halloween party so hopefully, he’ll chill out.

In the very middle of the month, I went on holiday to California! Before this trip, I’d only been to the USA once before and I’d gone to New York and Washington DC, but this time we decided to go to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The flight was one of the most difficult journeys I’ve ever had because I can’t sit still for long periods of time, and sitting still for ten hours is just a nightmare for me. But at least I watched plenty of movies and got to read my book.

We started our holiday in San Francisco, which I didn’t expect to be very hot, but at the same time, I did not expect it to be so freaking cold at night. I live in the North East of England, on the coast, so I should be used to cold nights, but the cold hits you so much harder when you’re sitting on the top of an open roof bus going 30-40 miles an hour. That bus also went over the Golden Gate Bridge four times, and my hair ended up horrifically knotted. And I wore it in braids that day so the wind just ripped it out. We spent most of our time in San Francisco on tour buses, but that’s fine with me because my mum can’t walk very much and SF is very hilly.

We then went on to Los Angeles, where we spent three days. The first day we spent at Universal Studios, but because we didn’t have tickets for Halloween Horror Nights, we had to leave the park at 6 in the evening. But that didn’t bother me too much because I got to see pretty much everything that I wanted to see (minus the Waterworld show because it was being renovated, and the stunt show because my parents went to see it while me and my brother were in the line for The Simpsons Ride). I also tried to take some bookstagram photos outside the Bates Motel on the studio tour but never posted them on Instagram because I failed miserably at getting both my Kindle and the building in the same shot. But it was still fun. If I had to pick a favourite ride at Universal, it would either be the Jurassic World ride or the Revenge of the Mummy ride, which I went on alone because nobody else would go on it with me. One thing that really disappointed me, but was my fault and not the park’s, was that there was so much that I wanted to buy, but I was somewhat broke by that point in the holiday.

The second day in LA was spent doing regular tourist stuff. Our original plan was to walk the entire Hollywood Walk of Fame because it was one block away from our hotel, but we ended up taking a tour through the city and up through the Hollywood Hills to see the Hollywood Sign. And we also saw a few celebrity homes, which I thought was a little weird because those are people’s houses and they deserve their privacy, but some people are into that kind of junk so whatever. Oh, and we also saw some guy walking a goat down Hollywood Boulevard as if it was a dog. Is that considered normal for Hollywood?

And then the last day was spent at Disneyland! It took us so long to get to Disneyland because there was traffic on the highway and then our Uber driver took a wrong turn and took us into a 20-minute queue to park instead of taking us to the drop-off area, but at least we made it in one piece. There was a lot of Disneyland that we didn’t get to see because we didn’t expect it to be so busy. We went on a school day, how were there so many children there??? We didn’t get to see any of Tomorrowland, and I also didn’t get to go on the Haunted Mansion because it was being repaired for most of the day and then when it opened up, pretty much everybody flocked to it. When my dad and I first got in line, there was a 45-minute wait. Then they started to let all of the Fastpass holders through so that bumped it up to 75 minutes. Then it went up to 100 minutes and we weren’t anywhere near the entrance of the actual house, and I had a Fastpass for a different ride (another that I went on alone) so we just gave up and left. Also, It’s a Small World wasn’t open because they were renovating it for Christmas, and the Matterhorn was closed too and I really wanted to go on that one because there isn’t one of those in the Paris park. We did have a good time, especially on the Millennium Falcon ride (I was a pilot yay), but I just wish we’d managed our time better because we spent a lot of time just dawdling.

So then it was time to go home and fly back to London, which was not fun because it was 10 hours overnight and I was the only one who didn’t get any sleep and I had to climb over my parents just to go to the bathroom. Once we finally arrived in London, we had a few hours to kill before our train home so my brother and I went to the Westfield Centre in Shepherd’s Bush so that we could go to the Pokémon Centre store. We didn’t go in because there was a line to get in that was four hours. Four hours. To get into a bloody shop. I’ll stand in line for rides, for public transport, to pay for something in a shop, but I will not wait in a four-hour line just to get into a shop. Not a chance.

After getting home, I haven’t really been doing much. My parents’ friends had their last Halloween party ever on Saturday night and I’m sad to see it go because this year was the 35th year they’d been hosting the party and I’ve been going since I was very small. But they just can’t cope with putting the decorations up every year so I do understand.



  • Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco  – There was a lot of focus on romance in this one, but I did still enjoy the mystery parts.
  • Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo  – Next book please.



  • Ad Astra  – This movie was stunning to look at and Brad Pitt does some incredible acting, but this was just too slow in some places. Also, I don’t know what was up with the space baboons.
  • Joker – Click the link above for my review!
  • Ghostbusters – There was a surprising amount of small children at the screening I went to (all little boys with their dads) but I’m not complaining, just surprised because this isn’t exactly a “family” movie.
  • Friday the 13th – Not gonna lie, the music in this movie gave me a headache.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street  – Young Johnny Depp is great eye candy and all, but I couldn’t see a single thing that happened during the climax of this movie. And I watched it in the dark.
  • Poltergeist – I got both a headache and sensory overload from watching this thanks to a combination of flashing images and a buttload of high-pitched screaming. I don’t want to watch any movies with screaming five-year-olds in them for a long time.
  • Scooby-Doo – This was so goofy and dumb but I didn’t really expect anything else.
  • Wreck-It Ralph – Rewatch
  • Toy Story 4 – Rewatch
  • Memory: The Origins of Alien  – I kind of consider watching documentaries about Alien to be pointless because I already know so much about the behind the scenes, but I did like that there were people offering different interpretations of the movie.
  • What We Do in the Shadows – Rewatch
  • Mars Attacks – Rewatch
  • Little Shop of Horrors  – I’m not really a musical person, but this was fun
  • It (2017)  – I honestly expected this to be gorier and scarier, but it was still spooky. Also, Richie is such a little prick that he got on my nerves.
  • Monsters Inc. – Rewatch
  • Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed – I can’t really give this a rating because I kept falling asleep, but that wasn’t the movie’s fault, I’d been awake for God knows how long.
  • Halloween (1978) – 2 – Good grief, this was boring. And I couldn’t hear the dialogue thanks to the lack of subtitles, thanks to Sky.
  • Videodrome – ????? – What the heck did I watch??? Damn, Canda. You’re freaky.
  • The Addams Family (2019)  – This was entertaining and everyone in the cast were great except for Finn Wolfhard and Chloe Grace Moretz. They both sounded like they were just reading straight off the script and not putting effort into their delivery.


  • RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – I’m not really sure who I’m rooting for but I do know that Baga Chipz and The Vivienne are getting on my nerves so much.
  • American Horror Story: 1984 – I have been enjoying this season a lot more than the past three seasons, but AHS always does this thing where the first half of the season is a regular homage to something, and then they turn it on its head somehow.
  • That 70s Show – Rewatching!
  • Jersey Shore Family Vacation – I don’t take breaks from trash TV for any reason, not even Spooky Month.


Physical books:

  • Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo
  • The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh


  • Becoming the Dark Prince by Kerri Maniscalco


  • Read more than two books. I had a full TBR picked out for this month and I only got around to reading two of them, which is a little disappointing.
  • Keep on schedule for Sci-Fi Month.
  • Remember to actually engage with other bloggers.
  • Keep up with my skincare and haircare.
  • Get some damn sleep.

How was your October? Did you do anything exciting? Do you have any plans for Halloween tonight?

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  1. 31/10/2019 / 2:54 PM

    I watched Ad Astra and was disappointed that I could get those 2 hours back. It was a terrible film.
    Happy Halloween and I hope November is good to you!

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