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A themed month means a themed watchlist in my world, so of course, I had to make one for October. When I may not have the time to actually watch them all. But I am getting better at juggling things these days so who knows.

This may be the longest watchlist post I have ever made because every time I thought I was finished with it, I ended up remembering more and more things that I want to watch. Self-control? I don’t know her.
I’ve sorted this obscenely long lost into two sections: things that I can watch on demand (Netflix, Amazon, on TV, those kinds of things) and things that I actually own on DVD. Because fun fact about me is that I collect more DVDs than I collect books. And I’m also more protective of them. No, you can’t borrow one of my DVDs because I don’t know what you’re going to do with it.


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I have not seen the original Addams Family TV series but I’ve always been familiar with the characters because my parents have been calling me Cousin Itt since I was a kid. I’ve already seen both of these live action movies before, and I will be watching them again if I can find them on Netflix because I just can’t have a spooky season movie day without these movies.



I’m not the biggest fan of parody movies because a lot of the parody movies that were being released towards the late 00’s and early 10’s stopped actually parodying the genres they were supposed to, and just ended up making fun of the pop culture at the time, which in turn ended up making them extremely dated. However, from the looks of things, the Scary Movie series doesn’t necessarily do that and sticks to parodying the genre, rather than just anything and everything. Plus, almost the whole series is on Netflix.



I haven’t watched a single Mel Brooks movie in my entire life, which is pretty shocking because I do like classic comedy. When I actually understand it, because American comedy has come a long way since the 1970s. Also, this another parody, but it looks to be more of an affectionate parody than a more biting one, like some parody movies I’ve seen. Plus, I can’t resist movies that are shot in black and white for aesthetic reasons.


This movie isn’t on Netflix anymore and that makes me so sad because it was in my queue for ages and I never got around to watching it. Wah. The Craft is a movie that’s pretty popular among goths partly because of the aesthetics of it (90’s goth is one of my favourite looks to go for) and also because it’s a movie about modern witchcraft, obviously. If you do a Google search for Goth clothes or accessories, the number of times you’ll see the quote “we are the weirdos, mister” is pretty impressive.


I didn’t know that this TV show even existed, and even though I have very little idea of what it’s about, I’m still going to watch it. I mean, it’s called Van Helsing and the Van Helsing in question is a woman. How could I not? I know I always end up siding with the vampires, but vampire hunters are just as cool sometimes.



I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Daniel Radcliffe because the only movies I’ve seen him in are the first two Harry Potter movies, which was before he started to grow as an actor. But, that being said, I’ve been interested in The Woman in Black for quite some time because it is a Gothic story in the traditional sense. And I love me some Gothic.

Oh, look, another Gothic movie. But, this movie isn’t actually a horror movie, which you would think. It’s actually a Gothic romance. There’s more of an emphasis on the romance aspect than the horror aspect, which I don’t mind at all because I’ve already seen this movie and I liked it. And also Gothic can be blended with tons of other kinds of genres because it’s not just bound to being a subgenre of horror. I could spend all day talking about it, but I’ll save that for another post. Also, Hiddles. His butt’s in this movie. Yes.



Strangely enough, this movie is the only cult classic horror movie I could find on Netflix that isn’t a sequel to any other movies (apart from the entire human centipede series, but i don’t have the stomach to watch those. and i probably never will.). Years ago, I would have completely refused to watch Child’s Play because 1) I didn’t like horror movies back then 2) I was a wee bit scared of the Chucky dolls. Also, the series was somewhat blamed for the James Bulger murder, which puts an incredibly bad taste in my mouth (don’t look that up unless you really want your day to be ruined). However, I’m older now and I’ve realised that dolls don’t really creep me out that much, so I’ll give the movie a go.



Who’s bored of me talking about vampires now? I hope the answer is nobody because I will never stop talking about vampires. 30 Days of Night is a gorier vampire movie, which delights me somewhat because vampires without blood are not vampires. I don’t do any of this “psychic vampire” crap. Anyways, the idea of a polar region town being attacked by vampires after going into a month of darkness is such a good idea that I hate myself for not writing it first. *shakes fist at self*



This movie is probably going to be a little tough for me to watch because 1) Nazis 2) I’m still not over Anton Yelchin’s death. It’s been a year and I’m still upset about it. Anyways, Green Room is supposed to be a pretty grisly movie, and while I can usually handle that this movie is said to be extremely brutal, and the fact that there are Nazis involved is just bound to elevate that. But Patrick Stewart’s in it! Huzzah?



This movie looks so bad and it’s often cited as one of the worst movies ever made. And I’m going to watch the hell out of it for a laugh. I’ve seen the documentary about it (Best Worst Movie if you’re interested) and I’ve seen clips from it so I know what I’m in for. I just can’t resist bad movies and the fact that this is finally on Netflix is just a blessing for me. Also, the best part about this movie is that there is no connection to the movie Troll at all, and the monsters in Troll 2 aren’t even trolls. They’re herbivorous goblins. What a hoot.



I’m not really the biggest fan of horror movies that use religion as a theme, especially when it uses Satanism as theme (i don’t have any issues with satanists themselves, i just don’t like laveyan satanism as a philosophy because the satanic bible plagiarises ayn rand and was written to cash in on the success of rosemary’s baby), but I’ve wanted to watch The Omen for quite some time because I like supernatural movies and I also like Gregory Peck. Plus, this movie’s from the 70’s so it might not be that scary anymore.

I have seen Jaws more times in my life than I had ever planned to, and I blame my school for that. Anytime we had nothing to do in class, we would watch Jaws. The first few times, I’d just listen to it because I didn’t want to see people get eaten, but by the third or fourth time, I could handle it because the shark itself is so unrealistic that it’s not that scary. I actually have had the book that the movie’s based on on my TBR for forever, but I still haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe someday, but the author hates it because the movie made everyone hate sharks when they’re not actually that vicious.



A funny thing about Black Mirror is that I’ve been avoiding watching it like the plague because to me, I usually think the whole “what if technology completely took over our lives” thing is really pretentious because the arguments and ideas some people have are pretty extreme and out there. But, I do like Charlie Brooker and his style of satire, which can be a tricky thing to nail.



I’m probably incredibly late to the American Horror Story hype train, but things surrounding it have kind of calmed down recently, and I’m not sure why. When it first came out I was not into horror at all, and I actually got really sick of seeing photos and edits and GIFs of Evan Peters as whatever character all the hecking time on Tumblr. But, the fact that every season is a different story with different characters does really interest me because it looks like a good way to keeping things fresh.



Yes, yes, I’m late to Stranger Things too, but better late than never. I was initially interested in this series when I first heard of it, but I didn’t know it was a horror show, so I ended up not wanting to watch it. As you do. But, now that things have both quieted down and started up again at the same time, I do want to give it a go. Especially since the second season will be coming at the end of this month. Whee.



This is another series that has disappeared from Netflix, but I’m sure it’s on Amazon so I’ll be able to watch it there. I think. So far, the only Guillermo Del Toro thing I’ve seen is Crimson Peak and I’m getting more and more interested in his work because he does monsters so well and has such a good grasp of the horror genre. I didn’t actually know that The Strain was originally a series of novels that he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan, so now I have to decide whether to read it or watch it first. But yay more vampires!



I don’t watch a lot of silent movies because they can be so difficult to find, but I absolutely adore Nosferatu. Even though it is a plagiarised unofficial adaptation of Dracula it does its own thing really well, especially with the way the vampire looks. Vampires hadn’t looked like Count Orlok since medieval times when this movie was made so you can see why his appearance is so striking and frightening. Also, this movie is available to watch on Youtube, yay!



What We Do in the Shadows is a movie that I personally think every person who thinks that vampires are “overdone” should watch because it comes at them from so many different angles. Here, we have five vampires modelled off of different famous vampires living in Wellington, New Zealand of all places, taking part in a documentary about vampires. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds and so, so, so funny. Every single vampire trope that exists is taken and turned on its head to make it funny, and it works extremely well.




I am way too lazy to scatterbrained to count how many movies there are in the Universal Monsters franchise, but I do know that I only own four of them on DVD: Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man. Obviously, I’ve already seen them but I don’t mind watching them again because they’re all just under an hour and a half long. I’m not sure if Universal has released any of the other movies on DVD, but I can’t get them because I can’t afford to. Oh well.



If you want to see a more accurate adaptation of Dracula, this is the movie to go for. Just ignore Keanu Reeves’ accent because it’s terrible and he pretty much gives up towards the end of the movie. This is a much more mature version of the story not just because of the amount of blood there is, but also many boobs there are. The only thing that’s hugely different about this version of the story is that it’s more of a romance story, and it also says that Dracula really was Vlad the Impaler, which in the original story, he wasn’t. Stoker just took the Dracula name from Vlad Tepes and everything else was just a coincidence.



I’m not sure if I’ll actually get the chance to watch The Silence of the Lambs this month because I do plan to read the book first, but I will be keeping my hopes high if I do. The only thing that worries me about this movie is that in recent times it’s been criticised for being transphobic towards the character of Buffalo Bill, who kills overweight women and then skins them so that they can make a “woman suit” to wear. The character was inspired by a real serial killer, but that’s not really an excuse.



I might not get around to watching this movie either, but I really hope that I do because I’ve wanted to watch The Shining for years. The Simpsons parody of this movie is one of my absolute most favourite things ever, and I do like Stanley Kubrick’s movies, as well as Jack Nicholson, so obviously I have pretty high hopes for me. I just have to read the book first because apparently, Stephen King isn’t too fond of the movie.



I’m not sure if this counts as a spooky movie because everywhere I look just classifies it as a superhero movie, which is too broad of a category to me. But anyway, I’ve had Justice League Dark on DVD for a while because I’ve been trying to collect the DC direct-to-DVD movies for ages with very little luck because some of them are harder to find than others. I do know that this one has supernatural elements to it because John Constantine and Jason Blood are in it, so I guess that counts as spooky.



There are three movies called Godzilla and I’ve seen all of them. Two are really good, and one of them is a hot mess that has three main cast members from The Simpsons in it. I don’t have the 1998 American version but it’s on Netflix so I’m covered. I’ve only seen all three of them once each so I think I’m overdue watching them again. Especially the original Japanese version because there’s a lot of meaning in there and it’s not done heavy-handedly. Really, the original movie is a lot more political than you’d expect it to be. Also, while I’m on this train of thought, I am going to die from excitement when Godzilla: King of the Monsters is released. And then again when Godzilla vs. Kong is released. I just love monster movies, man.



American Psycho is such a problematic and misogynistic movie, but I can’t help but love it. I watched the movie before I read the book (cardinal sin, i know) but that was because I didn’t know how tame the movie would be in comparison. If you want to see American Psycho be as grisly as you expect it to be, read the book because the movie just toes the line, it doesn’t really cross it like the book does. But, I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book and that’s probably because I understood the humour more in the movie. Plus, Christian Bale was on the top of his game in this movie, so that really helps.


I’ve only seen one movie based on any of Neil Gaiman’s books, and that was Stardust, which was just okay. Coraline seems more up my alley because I love creepy animations. I loved Tim Burton’s movies Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie, and even though this movie is not a Burton movie, it’s still the kind of thing that I like to see. Apparently, this movie is kinda scary, but it’s aimed at children so it can’t be that bad.



I only have the remake of Fright Night, which doesn’t bother me too much because it is one of my favourite horror movies. Colin Farrell makes a pretty good vampire if you ask me. And several other people who are right. Plus, David Tennant is in this movie. And while I’m not really a fan of him because I’ve only seen him in this and Doctor Who, he does do a pretty good job. Also, more Anton so I’m going to be sad all the way through, but that’s okay. Sort of.



Hey, look, it’s my favourite horror movie! Well, one of them, I have a few. I still haven’t actually finished reading Psycho, which is shocking because it’s so short and I’ve had it for quite some time. I don’t need to worry about reading it first though because I’ve already seen the movie and know what’s different. Although looking back, Anthony Perkins is an interesting choice of actor to play Norman Bates because he looks absolutely nothing like how the character is described in the book.



I am so close to finishing Dexter but I still haven’t gotten around to it because I am forgetful and will have to restart season seven for the third time. I also haven’t read past the first book, which is pretty bad because I was so obsessed with this show when I first started watching it. I blew through the first few seasons and then started to lag a bit later on. Hopefully, I can get the series finished before the end of the month if I can find the time, but that’s a big hope.



There are very few musicals that I will actually watch more than one, and Sweeney Todd is one of them. I don’t actually like Johnny Depp anymore, but I do still like this movie because it’s so well made. And there’s a lot of blood. The throat-cutting scenes in this movie really do make me squirm because of how over the top they are *shudder*. I probably won’t be watching any of Depp’s more recent movies, but at least I have his older films to remind me of a time when he wasn’t awful.



Last movie and I saved my favourite for last. I will probably never get bored of this movie. Ever. I’ve taken so much inspiration in my own writing from this movie that I just couldn’t. I love everything about this movie: I love the cast, I love the aesthetics, I love the characters, I love the story, I just love everything about it. In fact, this movie has probably taken the spot as my favourite movie ever because I just love it, even more, every time I watch it. I just want to live in this movie as a vampire for my whole life and it’s not October if I don’t watch it.

What spooky movies and TV shows do you like? Are you planning to watch any this month? DID YOU SURVIVE THE LENGTH OF THIS POST??

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