Life of a Blogger: Pet Peeves

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This week’s topic:
Pet Peeves

Oh boy, do I have my pet peeves. I’m one of those people who’s just naturally annoyed by everything, and I hate it. I’m annoyed by people, I’m annoyed by little habits, I’m annoyed by the way things are organised, I’m even annoyed by myself. There are things that I do myself that annoy me! I really should become a hippy or something because my irritability may get progressively worse. So, ready for my pet peeves? I know I am…

  • Open-mouthed chewing
  • Constant pen clicking
  • Interrupting
  • People who are generally snobby about everything
  • People who think that everyone is doing something wrong just because they’re doing it differently to they do it
  • “How can you not like [INSERT THING I REALLY DON’T LIKE]????”
  • Being judged for how I eat
  • The fact that my blog template won’t let me reply to comments without completely screwing up
  • “Just go and ask them, they won’t bite!”
  • People who don’t know that opinions exist
  • People who think that it’s okay to lump people into general groups in order to give them ‘a taste of their own medicine’
  • When friends talk badly about each other and think that it’s okay (it’s not. it’s really not.)
  • Drivers who don’t indicate
  • Strangers who tell me to smile
  • People who jokingly tell other people that they like them or think they’re attractive as a joke
  • The way people trail off when reading something aloud
  • Parents who bring kids under ten to films rated over PG
  • “I’m not sexist/racist but…”
  • Socks with holes in them
  • Shoes that refuse to be broken in
  • People with bad table manners
  • People who didn’t learn how to drink out of a cup properly (i hate it when they make they horrendous sucking noise)
  • Double negatives
  • “So it’s basically your own fault.”
  • Getting egg shells in the whites
  • When people don’t give things back after borrowing them
  • Picking up my book instead of just asking me what I’m reading
  • Asking me what I’m listening to, when I have earphones in my ears
  • Censorship after the nine p.m. watershed (looking at you MTV)
  • People who say that they’ve “found out who their true friends are” (guess what, you’ve just lost a lot of friends)
  • One sided conversations/arguments
  • Screaming children in public
  • Clothes that are my size but still don’t fit
  • Shopping for jeans
  • Foot itches
  • Itchy legs when I’m wearing jeans
  • Itches in general (i’m covered in scratches)
  • “That’s so gay”
  • People not tucking chairs in (thanks for the twisted ankle, asshole)
  • Not being told that people I know are getting together
  • When people worship people that they don’t know are actually scumbags (*cough*gene roddeberry*cough*)
  • “You’re not allowed to have a say in this” (even when they’re agreeing with them!)
  • That one person who tries to guess what’s going to happen next in a film (keep it to yourself!)
  • Going to a buffet and there’s very little food that I like
  • People who think that they know a lot about something when they just read about it briefly online
  • People who talk during films (this is why i don’t go to the cinema on a saturday afternoon anymore)
  • People who leave trolleys standing in the middle of the aisle
  • Scratches on discs
  • Cellophane wrapping on CDs (DVDs are easier to open than CDS)
  • Pee on toilet seats
  • Public displays of affection
  • Used gum under tables (bonus points if it’s still wet)
  • People who ask if they can have some of my food (even worse if they don’t say please)
  • Being called ‘darling’ by people I don’t know
  • People who are always negative (i have a lot of pet peeves, but nothing is ever that bad)
  • People who think that Kindles and other e-readers are evil (grow up, they’re not going to replace books)
  • Men who call their wives “the wife” or “our lass”
  • When waiters take cutlery away at a buffet when I was nowhere near finished
  • Spam comments
  • People who make comfortable silences awkward by saying “this is awkward”
  • Spitting in public
  • People who won’t let other people enjoy the things that they like
  • Car/house alarms that won’t turn off
  • Finding a battery only to find out that it’s dead
  • People who press the keys on a computer keyboard one at a time with an unnecessary amount of force
  • Crushed ice

(Whoa. Calm down, Weeze)

Okay, got that out of my system! Things aren’t that bad though, I try not to let pet peeves (or even pet hates) get to me too much. Although I’m definitely considering being a hippie. That would be fun!
What are some of your pet peeves? Leave me a link to your post and I’ll pop by!


  1. 09/05/2014 / 12:38 AM

    I seriously thought I was the only one who found so many of these things annoying. I absolutely hate when people tell me to smile. How about no? Awesome post! Oh, and I absolutely loathe the sound of people chewing it hurts…it really hurts.

  2. 13/05/2014 / 1:40 PM

    Haha I agree with so many of these!

    Both of my ex-boyfriends ate with their mouths open. It INFURIATED me. When I mentioned it to one of them once he took it really offensively, even though it's good manners to eat with your mouth closed. GRRR!

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