Life of a Blogger: Origin of Your Name

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This week’s topic:
Origin of Your Name
My name isn’t too exciting and the story of how I got it isn’t exciting either. Originally, I was going to be named Sophie, which my nanna (my mum’s grandmother) was so excited about that she told all of our relatives down South, but then there were a ton of girls in my part of town called Sophie being born so it was changed to Louise. That’s pretty much it.
My middle name is Elisabeth, partly after my dad’s mum Elsie who died before I was born, but mostly because my mum saw a lady on the news whose name was Elisabeth and she liked it. And people still spell it with a z.
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What’s more interesting is that for years I hated my name and never used it online. At first I used the names of fictional characters (that’s what anime kids did on Piczo) and then adopted other names. I didn’t start using my real name properly online until two years ago (I was using the name Harker when I started this blog) because I was tired of trying to be someone else.
Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with using a pen name online, but it just wasn’t working out for me (I’m too indecisive).
What’s the story behind your name? Link me up to your post!

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  1. I like the origin story of your name! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Mine is kinda interesting. My parents visited Italy where they saw the church of St. Chiara, so they decided to name me Chiara (said chee-ara). And then a few months later they learned that Chiara is actually said key-ara, but they were to attached to my version so it stayed. XD

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