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This week’s topic:
Favourite Actors / Actresses

Now, this is my kind of topic. We already know that I love films, so obviously I have my handful of favourite actors. I don’t really like to admit it, but I am one of those people who will watch a film because of it’s lead actor or even the whole cast because I know that I would expect awesome performances. And because I also love countdown lists, I’m going to tell you all, in no particular order:

My Top 5 Favourite Actors / Actresses

Who doesn’t love Johnny Depp? He never does the same thing twice and only ever goes for characters that are incredibly interesting and out there and that decision has done wonders for his career. But here’s my question: Why hasn’t Johnny Depp won an Oscar? He’s been nominated three times and hasn’t won. Everyone always goes on about how Leonardo DiCaprio (who I can’t stand, by the way) hasn’t won an Oscar, but I definitely think that Johnny deserves one so much more. He’s played the better characters, in my opinion, and got out of the whole teenage heartthrob image as soon as it was started.
  • Favourite film – Ed Wood (best Tim Burton film ever.)

Sandra Bullock is easily my favourite modern actress. I just love how versatile she is! She can go from being hilarious in films like Miss Congeniality and The Heat, to giving powerful dramatic performances in Gravity and The Blind Side. When it comes to modern female actresses, she is my ultimate bias: if Sandra Bullock is starring in a film of any genre, I will definitely be going to see it. Why? Because Sandra Bullock, that’s why!
  • Favourite film – The Heat
Want to know just exactly how much I love Christian Bale? Here’s a picture of my bedroom wall:
I don’t really need to say anything more.
  • Favourite film – The Machinist


Audrey Hepburn is the first classic movie actress that I really got into. I can’t really remember which film of her’s that I watched first, but I like her for the same reason that I like Sandra Bullock: she does both comedy and drama really well, and won her first Oscar for her debut film, which was a comedy. Not only do I love her as an actress, but Audrey was an extraordinary person who did humanitarian work, and at times has inspired me to be a better person, both through her films and her personal life. I also cite her as a style inspiration at times. Well, mainly for make-up because she was just so beautiful.
  • Favourite film – Sabrina

You don’t ever want to hear me talk about Marlon Brando. Seriously, I could talk for an eternity about how amazing of an actor he way. Seriously, I think that he was the greatest actor ever and pretty much still is. It riles me whenever an upcoming actor is labelled as “the new Marlon Brando” because there will never be another Brando. Ever. He not only starred (and won an Oscar, which he declined to accept, for) in my favourite film ever, The Godfather, but a lot of my favourite classic films too, such as On the Waterfront, A Streetcar Named Desire, and even Guys & Dolls. Yes, Marlon Brando starred in a musical. He wasn’t too great of a singer, but he did a great job of it. And even though his work did decline in quality as he got older and started to hate acting more and more, there will never be another actor like him. Plus, he was damn gorgeous in his prime. I mean, damn son.
  • Favourite film – The Godfather (duh!)

When it comes to people that I don’t like, there are very few actors that I don’t like. I really can’t stand Adam Sandler, and I’m not too keen on Leonardo DiCaprio or Jennifer Lawrence (don’t shoot me!). She’s a really talented actress, but as a person she just annoys me. I tend to absolutely hate stand-up comedians more than actors/actresses, especially since the vast majority of British stand-ups have pretty much the same routine.

Who are your favourite actors/actresses? Is there anybody that you don’t like?

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  1. 18/04/2014 / 2:55 PM

    Totally agree with you about Johny Deep! He really never does something twice, and he's always different on all of his character that sometimes I fail to recognize him! And oh, his acting. It's just simply amazing.
    And I don't really watch many film with Sandra Bulock on it, but I've watched The Proposal and Gravity, and it's kinda crazy how she can be this super 180-degree different girl on this two movies.

    Great choice!

    Neysa @ Papier Revue

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