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This week’s topic:
Bucket List
Before this topic came up, I’d never really had a bucket list. I have a list of things that I would really really like to do, but not necessarily a list of things that I absolutely must do before I die. Because, y’know, I don’t like to think of those kind of things. I’m more of a ‘live in the moment’ kind of person. When it comes to life experiences, I prefer to do things sporadically than plan things. But, anyways! Here is my “things I would really like to do but if it doesn’t happen that’s okay” list!
  • Travel to anywhere east of Germany or west of Spain
  • Do a road trip around America (British road trips are incredibly boring unless you like motorways)
  • See my favourite bands/artists perform live
  • Attend San Diego Comic-Con
  • Cosplay
  • See Charlotte Martin perform (this is incredibly important to me because she doesn’t tour outside of the US)
  • Finish a novel
  • Learn how to cook more meals than I know how to now
  • Become comfortable with my appearance (I’m already working on it but I still have quite a ways to go!)
  • Have a significant other (marriage would be nice, and I’ve already decided that I don’t want human children. Fur babies will do me fine!)
  • Attend a movie premier
  • Have my own place to live (house or apartment, I’m not really bothered)
  • Learn to speak French
  • Read all of Ernest Hemingway’s work (I’m becoming obsessed with Hemingway)
  • Go to BEA
  • Go on a Frankenstein or Dracula tour (one literary tour I would never do is Bloomsday. No thank you.)
  • Ride every roller coaster that holds a current world record
  • Learn a craft or skill
  • Attend Whitby Goth Weekend
  • Own a car (I need to be able to drive first)
What’s on your bucket list?

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  1. 02/05/2014 / 2:29 PM

    Awesome bucket list, I really want to learn to speak French too, it's such a great language! Haha, Furbabies! xx

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