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I’m back, friends! During my millionth unannounced absence, I’ve been doing very little reading and more of pretty much everything else, so of course, I have to share some of my favourite things with you all. And unfortunately, none of these things are books because like I said, I’ve barely read. Oops.

For the past month or so I’ve done pretty much nothing but play Pokémon games. And it’s been an absolute blast. I haven’t done any reading because I’ve been playing so much, but it’s still been a blast.

I started off with finishing off my game of Moon, which I started when the game came out two years ago, and after spending so much time completing the postgame and sidequests and doing so much trading online to finish the PokéDex as much as I could, I then went back to my game of X which I restarted in 2015 (because i didn’t like my original team oops) and just never finished for some reason. In those two games, I’m trying my best to EV train little teams specifically for battling, but it’s really not easy. I also don’t fully understand what I’m doing, so that’s probably what’s making it even harder.

At the moment I’m playing White for the first time because for some reason I didn’t get it when it came out in 2011 so I’m playing it now. And the Nintendo WiFi Network was closed down four years ago so there’s a lot of features in the game that I simply can’t use at all. And I’ll have the same problem when I go back to my replay of Pearl (which I seriously regret restarting because I’d finished the game and had a Lv. 100 team when I reset. Why me, why). Not that I have any friends to play these old-ass games with anyway. Or the newer games.

Also, because of these games I now have another fictional boyfriend. Thanks, Nintendo, I’m now knee deep in self-insert Guzma fics.

Psst: if you play Pokémon on 3DS (or Animal Crossing! I play that a lot too), and you maybe want to battle or trade with me, here’s my friend code: 1478-3357-8893

I’m not the biggest fan of Netflix’s original series because not all of them have really interested me (I do still watch Orange is the New Black whenever there’s a new season but I don’t like it as much as I used to), but I love GLOW so much that I watched the first season in one day. Then I had to wait a year for the second season, and once that was released, I did the same thing and watched all of it in one day. It’s just that good of a show.

I actually know next to nothing about wrestling because I think it’s kind of dumb but GLOW interested me in the first place because it’s a predominantly female cast and it’s diverse. And then on top of that, it tackles a lot of issues within Hollywood such as the casting couch and institutionalised racism, which can be seen in the fact that a lot of the POC wrestlers are given wrestling personas that are racist stereotypes and in some cases completely ignore their heritage (an Indian girl is given the name “Beirut the Mad Bomber”, a Cambodian girl is called “Fortune Cookie”). The fact that the show chooses to tackle these important issues and focuses on every woman in the cast instead of just the two white leads is what makes me love this show so much. It did take them a whole season to introduce a queer girl into the show, but still. Both queer girls are WOC, and that’s even better.

I don’t share music recs very often because my tastes are extremely eccentric to the point that I could sit and listen to what sounds like a broken CD. However, this is an album that I definitely recommend to pretty much everyone because I think it’s Beck’s most accessible album that he’s made.

Beck kind of falls under the “weird” musicians umbrella because every album he has made is different from one another, with only two having similar sounds because they’re technically companion pieces, so he can be difficult to get into if you’re not into weird music like I am. But I would definitely give this album a try because it’s just so good. And yes, this is the guy who beat out Beyonce for Album of the Year that one time. And he deserved that Grammy. Just saying.

Here are a few of my favourite songs from the album: Seventh Heaven I’m So Free Wow Up All Night Fix Me

I don’t watch a lot of TV these days because there’s never anything on that I want to watch, but recently I found these documentary miniseries on demand and I’ve really enjoyed them.

These are short series that document historical events from the past 50 decades, ranging from entertainment to politics and although I haven’t watched all of them yet, I have enjoyed the ones that I watched. I started with The Eighties because that was the first one I found, and then continued on to The Nineties, and then went back to The Sixties, which I’m still watching. CNN is currently airing The 2000s but it’ll be a while before I get to watch that one.

In each series, there are episodes that I like more than the others, which are mainly the TV and music ones, but the episodes about the AIDs crisis and the rise of home computers in The Eighties, and the social issues episodes of The Nineties were others that I particularly like. I’m not too bothered about the politics episodes, however, because they’re completely centred on US politics and presidents, which isn’t a historical thing that interests me. One thing that has really bugged me though, is that the technology episodes from both The Eighties and The Nineties did not mention video games at all. That bugs me because video games were such a hot topic, especially in the 90s, and yet CNN chose to just not talk about them at all. Hmm.

I have kind of a weird relationship with skincare because my skin was so bad for such a long time that from time to time my attitude goes from being really devoted to it, to just thinking “what’s the point”. I’m also very lazy. And that’s not good when you’ve got skin with lots of needs.

For me, getting into Korean beauty and skincare has helped me a lot because the products really do work and that amount of work that you have to put into it acts like a huge motivator to me. The cute packaging for a lot of products helps too.

The obvious downside to this is the cost because, oh boy, this is not cheap. I buy almost all of my skin things from YesStyle, which is located in Hong Kong, so it also takes a while to get to me. At least there’s no customs charges though.

What are some things you’ve been loving recently?


  1. 05/08/2018 / 10:56 AM

    Ooh Glow sounds really good! I am terrible at watching shows consistently though.😂When my sister visits we watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine but we’ve exhausted what Netflix has (wails) so we’ll be looking for a new show when she visits next in December! I’ll definitely look up that one! And good on you for doing proper skin care…I…don’t even know what I do. Probably all the wrong things.😂

    Some things I’ve been loving recently…definitely learning to make ice cream (it’s actually kinda healthy so woo I can eat as much as I want right?! I’m sure that’s how it works…) and also getting back into origami! Apart from that, just lots of reading and writing and screaming into social media because of course. :’)

    • 13/08/2018 / 10:00 AM

      You really should watch Glow! It’s funny and fabulous and deep all at the same time, plus there’s tons of glitter which is always good!

      Ooh I wish I could learn how to make ice cream but I don’t have an ice cream maker and would have to wrestle my cats out of the way at the same time 😂

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