Horror Games I Want to Play (but i’m baby) 🎮

When I was planning out my posts for this month, I realised that I’ve never done a post about horror video games. And why is that? Because I’ve never actually played one because I’m still a huge baby. No, really.

Even though I’ve come to have an appreciation for horror and scary things as I’ve gotten older, I’m still reluctant to dip my toes into horror games for a few reasons. The main one being that games place you directly in the scary things instead of a book or a movie where you’re watching it unattached. And that doesn’t do good things to my anxiety. Also, a lot of horror games can only be played from a first-person perspective and I get really bad motion sickness and have to take breaks every 20 minutes or so. Fun.

Starting off with a classic seems like a good place to start. I know a lot about Resident Evil, but it’s not a game that I would have picked up for the longest time for two reasons: 1) it’s scary (duh) 2) it’s got zombies in it. And I am not a fan of zombies at all. Dead people, who just slowly shamble towards you until they’re either shot in the face or they catch up to you and eat you alive? Yeah, that’s kind of boring to me. Zombies aren’t something I would gravitate towards but I will set aside my disinterest in them if I think it’ll be worth it.

I can’t see myself being very good at survival games because I’m a big chicken and would just panic and run out of resources as soon as I see one monster, but I am still willing to give this a try. Plus, it’s on the Nintendo eShop so it’s right there for me to try.

Silent Hill is another survival game, but from what I’ve seen it focuses more on puzzles and psychological horror than the survival and monsters aspects of Resident Evil. Apart from some of the gameplay aspects and also the multiple endings, I don’t really know much about the original Silent Hill game. I know that there’s lots of fog and it constantly snows, and there was a series of movies made that were loosely based on the games, but that’s about it.

I may be able to get a copy of this game from eBay since I don’t think it’s available on the PS store or on the Nintendo eShop, but as is the case with old games, it’ll probably cost me an arm and a leg. An unfortunate part of liking to play older games is that the more well-received a game is, the more expensive a copy of it will be online. Seriously, I once spent £25 on a copy of Metal Gear Solid at a convention, and while that may seem reasonable, I’m a little too used to spending at least 50p on PS2 games.

I know that this game is really old and very likely to not work on my PC because getting old PC games to run on newer computers is the biggest headache I’ve ever encountered in my entire gaming life (seriously, i once tried to install a CD-ROM from 1999 on windows 8 and blood almost came out of my ears it was so frustrating), but I do want to see what the big deal is surrounding Doom, both in terms of the controversy surrounding it and the actual game itself. From what I have seen, this game is extremely gory, and while I don’t mind gore in video games at all, the unfortunate part is that this game is a first-person shooter. The kind that makes me feel incredibly ill. Oh joy.

Another first-person game! And this time it’s a survival game based on my favourite horror movie ever (yes, the first alien movie is a horror. it just takes place in space, and that’s scary enough). I have seen a couple of gameplay videos of this game and it does look pretty scary, especially considering that the alien can’t be killed and follows you throughout the game. Plus, having one of those things jump onto your face and kill you looks absolutely horrifying in first-person view. Brr.

I have huge doubts that I will ever be able to play this game because it is so old that it would take a lot of technological wizardries to get to work on a modern PC. But what makes this game special is that it is based on a short story by Harlan Ellison. The story itself isn’t necessarily horror, but it is messed up enough to be disturbing and scary. Because it’s a short story, there isn’t much to learn about the characters apart from what it tells you, but the game expands so much about the world and the characters and their backstories are all pretty damn horrific. Also, the author’s voice is in the game. How many authors have had their books made into video games? Probably quite a few but they usually tend to be adaptations of movies that are in term adaptations of books.

We finally have a game that isn’t a first-person only game! Instead, we have jump scares and body horror. But I already knew that because I’m pretty sure this game was inspired by Alien, and where there is Alien inspiration, there will always be body horror. I mean, the monsters in this game are called Necromorphs, which sounds a lot like Xenomorph. This is another older game, but thankfully it is for a system that I do have so getting a copy shouldn’t be too difficult. As long as I remember to bring my ID with me when I buy it because I still haven’t grown out of my babyface.

Listen. We all know me, right? If I couldn’t find at least one game with vampires in it, I would sit and complain about how I want a game with vampires in it that isn’t Castlevania. Apparently, this game hasn’t had the best reviews, but I stopped paying attention to reviews of anything a long time ago (book bloggers are actually the only reviewers i trust these days) so that does not bother me at all. Especially not when it comes to vampires.

Do you play video games? Do you play horror games? If you do, which are your favourites?


  1. 29/10/2019 / 12:51 AM

    I actually haven’t played any of these! My friends and I used to play this PS2 games called “Fatal Frame” in high school though. There’s three of them, and we would play in the dark and scare the crap out of ourselves. 😂 One day I want to play Silent Hill!

    • Louise
      30/10/2019 / 10:19 PM

      Ohh, I’ve heard good things about Fatal Frame! I may have to add it to my list 😀

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