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For the longest time, I stayed far away from horror anime because I was a big baby and Asian horror is probably the scariest of all horror. I first got really into anime when I was eleven and back then I was a total scaredy-cat. I couldn’t even watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller because it scared me so much. Naturally, I’ve toughened up a lot since then and scary media doesn’t really scare me anymore so I think I’m definitely ready to give some horror anime a chance. Who knows, maybe I’ll move on to live-action Asian horror if I think I’m brave enough.

It wouldn’t be a themed month if I didn’t have a special themed watchlist, and since I don’t have a general watchlist for this year and I’ve just been going for whatever I fancy, I thought it would be fun to compile the anime that I want to watch. Whether I actually get a chance to watch them is another story though.

I recently finished the Devilman manga, and while I knew how it would end, I was not exactly prepared for how much it would kick me in the face. So, naturally I should be kind of prepared for the anime, right? Well, I would be if I knew which anime to watch. I’ve already seen the anime series from the early 1970s (which is basically Power Rangers but if there was only one Ranger and he fought demons) and it’s not the same story, but now there are the OVAs from the 1980s and there’s the Crybaby series on Netflix. As far as I’m aware, these have the same story as the manga but I just need to pick one to watch. Or I could just watch both versions. Or the kiddy series from the 70s again because that one’s actually a lot of fun.

This is a pretty short series at only 13 episodes, but it is probably one of the most violent series on my list. And apparently the worst of it is at the very beginning of the first episode. And it features a naked teenage girl. That’s the part that makes my skin crawl, not the violence. I would say that I’m surprised that I didn’t get around to this anime earlier as it was still fairly popular and talked about when I first really got into anime in 2006. But I was 11 in 2006 and terrified of my own shadow so I didn’t go anywhere near it. Also, Netflix wasn’t a thing for me back then and it is now so I don’t have to go through the embarrassing ordeal of asking my parents to buy me a DVD that I’m too young for. Because I’m 24 and the only thing I’m too young to do is rent a car.

Of course I had to include one vampire series on this list. If I didn’t, I would be extremely ill and in need of a doctor. I did know of this series when I was a teenager but I didn’t know much about it because I considered it to be much more of a “guys” anime at the time, despite me being into Dragon Ball and Naruto, where are classified as “boys” series. But I’m now older and realise that gender roles are dumb and I can watch whatever I want, so please give me the cool vampire anime.

Here’s another story from my early-teen-anime-loving years. I used to use the art of the main character from this series as my online avatar for years despite not having watched it. I was a weeb child who really wanted to be goth and I couldn’t find it on YouTube because that was the only way to get anime I couldn’t find on DVD because streaming sites weren’t really a thing and I didn’t trust torrent websites. I’m not sure if this series is on Crunchyroll or not but I guess I could always try other sites and put up with the gross ads and not being able to click on anything without getting another gross ad.

Psychological thriller totally counts as horror, shush. This movie is kind of like Black Swan, but if Black Swan was set in 1980s Japan and was about an idol singer instead of an American ballerina in 2010s New York. At least that was what I heard before I just looked up the actual synopsis. Anyway, I love me a good psychological thriller and I don’t think I’ve ever seen this genre in anime before. I’ve probably seen more straight-up horror than psychological things, so I’m very excited to watch this movie.

So far the only Junji Ito manga I’ve read is Tomie (which i believe is adapted for this series) and I do hope to read Uzumaki this month (i’m writing this like a month in advance so i may have already read it by the time this post goes live idk we’ll see) but I have had my eye on this series for a while because I’ve ever seen an anthology anime series before. I’ve only ever seen episodic anime or anime that follows one long storyline, so the idea of each episode being an entirely different story really interests me.

I have this OVA series on my sci-fi anime watchlist because there’s a lot of overlap, and I like it when genres overlap. A while back I decided to watch a video of all the gory scenes from this series on YouTube to see if I could stomach it. I watched it with the sound off because somebody put this terrible goregrind song over the top of it that was just unlistenable (i like metal and i like experimental music, but extreme metal just too much for me). I barely remember anything that was in the video, so I’m guessing that I’ll be okay with it. I mean, last year I finally watched The Thing and that was the goriest thing I’ve ever seen. This can’t be that bad.

Do you watch anime? Would you ever watch any horror anime? If you have watched horror anime, which have you?

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