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The lovely Meg from Adrift on Vulcan recently made one of these posts and it looked like so much fun that I just had to do it for myself! So here’s a double opportunity for me to share more about myself and also show off my gif-making skills, just to make it a little bit more challenging. It took me quite some time, but it was all worth it in the end (trust me, some of these gifs came out just perfectly).
If you want to use any of my gifs that I’ve made (all of my gifs have the ‘exploringbystarlight’ watermark on them), feel free to use them because I really don’t mind! (i might be doing a series of reaction gif masterposts since i’m planning on making tons)
This is you:
Adam and I are totally kindred spirits: constantly in a bad mood.
I’m also a bit of Milhouse too:
This is your best friend:

Both me and my best friend are the biggest dorks ever. Maybe not Spongebob and Patrick level dorks, but we’re still huge dorks.
This is what your parents are like:

(image source)

My parents just love to laugh at me whenever I’m being serious.
What you do when you’re alone:
Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s 8 o’clock. Time to get busy.ย (can we please take the time to appreciate how perfect this gif is? just look at that loop.)
How strangers see you:
Strangers are exactly what they are: strangers. I don’t know how strangers see me and I honestly don’t really care.
How the same sex sees you:
Most of my friends are girls, and they’re also nerdy girls so yeah. (this one was tough because when i was in school i was way more used to other girls whispering and laughing about me, but that hasn’t happened since i was in my first year of sixth form)
How the opposite sex sees you:

Yup. My nerd vibes are just too strong for mere mortal men.
How your crush sees you:
My crush is one of the baristas at my local Starbucks, and he sees so many people in one day that he barely even remembers me. Instead I get the creepy older barista’s attention instead. And he makes me feel really uncomfortable.
Your favourite fandom:
(aw, the old logo)
It’s probably just me sitting in a corner. And I’m not really joking. All of my friends are Marvel fans and always talk to me about the characters that they like. Now, because I’m a nice, polite friend, I’ll listen to them and act interested. Do they do that whenever I want to talk about the characters I like? No. No they don’t.
Your taste in music:
My music taste is a huge eclectic blob. I listen to a lot of stuff, and for me the more outrageous, the better.
If you had a superpower it would be:
Psychic powers would be awesome!
You in the morning:
Totally kindred spirits. (you’re welcome by the way)
Your thoughts on school:
I absolutely hated school with a passion, but I’m a bit indifferent to university. It’s alright, I guess.
Your reaction to being asked out:

Yeah. Legit.
Your parents reaction to you going out on your first date:

They’d have the exact same reaction.
What you do on Friday nights:
I’m not kidding. I’m currently training to be a Girl Guide leader and our meetings are on Friday nights. (We don’t have Girl Scouts in the UK, we have Girl Guides and then there are girls who are members of Scouts because Scouts aren’t male exclusive anymore in the UK.)
What you do in class instead of listening to the teacher:
My attention span sucks so that makes me the queen of thumb twiddling. I try to listen as much as I can though. Sometimes people whisper around me and that makes it really hard to listen.
Your reaction to failing a test:

Failure is the worrrrrsssst. Especially if you don’t get a second chance.
Your reaction to passing a test:

I’m the kind of person who always thinks that they’ve done terribly on an exam, so finding out that I’ve passed is always a huge surprise.
Your reaction to graduating:
I’d be so happy because university is fucking tough.
How you view society:
It sucks but we’re all just trying to get through it all.
Your reaction to learning the world is going to end:
If the world is ending, then the world is ending. Not much can be done about that.
Your future career:
If I could get paid for being Ripley, I would totally take that on as a job. Without the constantly being hounded by carnivorous aliens part.
Who you end up marrying:

(image source)

Oh, Anthony. *sigh* If only…
How your kids will act:
No kids for me, thanks.
How you’ll die:
I personally plan on being a vampire. Just as long as nobody finds out.
People at your funeral:
We will party to celebrate my vampire-ness!
Want to do this challenge too? Make sure you leave me a link to your post!

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