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One of my goals for the summer this year was to spend a bit more time on my Instagram photos, and for once, I actually accomplished that! Last month I finally reached over 100 followers and my follower count stayed over 100, which hasn’t happened before. Admittedly, I used to be a pretty flaky Bookstagrammer because I’d join in a challenge and then just disappear after two weeks of regular posting, so I’m surprised that I even had followers in the first place.
I used to take my photos with my phone, but now I have a proper camera which is motivating me to be more active and take better photos. And because I’m more active on Instagram, I’m now following more people and have certain accounts that I consider favourites and sometimes look to for inspiration, so that what I’m going to talk about today.
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Whenever people say “you have too many books” or “you should give some away” I would like to sincerely say from the depths of my heart: no . . I’m turning my life into a rainbow library here. NO REGRETS. . . β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ TAG: #5bookishfacts [thanks @theswash.buckler!] 1. I have read 180 books so far this year.😱 2. I way way WAY prefer to read in 3rd person. 3. I think my very specifically favourite genre is magical realism because like, I enjoy internet and coffee but I also want FAERIES AND MAGIC AND DARK PROPHECIES OF DOOM. So is it not perfect to combine them. 4. I sneak a Stiefvater book into nearly every photo in my feed. Just sayin’. 5. I like books between 300-400 pages. Huge books absolutely terrify me. I’m too young for that kind of life commitment ok. . . . . QOTD: Would you rather read two small books or one long book?! JUST TO ASK THE TOUGH STUFF TODAY. . . #bookstagram #bookphotography #bookworm #book #bookish #bibliophile #booklove #book #instabook #reader #reading #bookgram #booknerd #booknerdigans #booksofinstagram #bookstagrammer #bookporn #bookpic #rainbowbooks #bookishrainbow #bookcircle #bookandflowers #prettybooks #bookspinebeauty
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Cait’s feed is one of the most colourful, if not the most colourful, that I follow and every single time she posts, I’m just blown away by how gorgeous her photos are. I get some serious envy from looking at her photos, and even though I like my photos to be on the more minimal side, I do get quite inspired by her photos. Also, she hides a Maggie Stiefvater book in almost all of her photos, so it can be fun to find them.


Oh look two of my favorite humans featured in one post! 😜 Can we just appreciate how awesome this death eater tattoo from @bookmarkd.tattoos is?! I may wear it to work tomorrow πŸ˜‚ And of course there’s this delightful Slytherin Common Room candle from @biblioflames that smells refreshingly like mint and eucalyptus with a hint of musk (which just smells like sexy minty cologne to me) – this candle is now called Cunning & Sly Common Room! Use my code BIBLIOJESSI to save (there are some minis of this available right now!!) ——– Day 8 #bookishshapes17 | green #bookstagrambasics | book stack #booklovershogwarts | fave magical pet – um, NIFFLER #lunibookphotoseptember17 | beautiful spines #frenchiefantasyseptember | fire (candle fire πŸ˜‚) #wishonseptember | vicious villains – death eaters! ——– What’s your favorite magical pet? β€’ β€’ #slytherinpride #slytherin #greenbooks #harrypotter #deatheaters #bookstack #stackofbooks #niffler #funko #funkopop
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I’ve been following Jessi for a long time now and every time she posts a photo of her library, my jealousy goes through the roof. That room is incredible and now I want my own library. Jessi’s feed is also on the colourful side but she’s so creative with how she puts her photos together. She also has cats that sometimes make appearances. That’s always a good thing.




Alexandra’s photos are more on the minimal side, but that doesn’t make them any less gorgeous. I love how clean her photos are and how well put together they are. Especially when she does a flat lay photo. Alexandra’s flat lays are goals. So is her room; it’s just gorgeous and well put together.




I cannot resist photos of cats, and every time Chiara’s cat makes an appearance in her photos, my cat withdrawal kicks in. But that’s not a bad thing because I love all cats, and especially when they’re photographed with books. Although she’s in the process of switching to a rainbow theme, I love the pale theme of Chiara’s photos. They’re also quite minimalistic at times, but not to the point of just being a book on a plain white background. I really hope that made sense.



Just over a year ago, I lost the light of my life, my beautiful Grandma. First you took her memory, then you stole her speech, but you could never take her spirit. It seems to me that Dementia kills twice. First it steals the essence of a person. Robbing them of themselves. Then it consumes the shell it has left behind πŸ’•. . Tonight I will #readfordementia. My grandma gifted me my first copy of Alice in Wonderland and I would spend hours down the rabbithole. Tonight I return πŸ’•. . To help keep the memory alive, please support this wonderful cause @readfordementia. . . . . . #dementia #Alzheimers Β #aliceinwonderland #supporter #grandmas #bookstagram #aussiereaders #booknerd #igbooks #wonderland #flashesofdelight #bookaholic #booksofinstagram #thatsdarling #bouquet #coffee #booknerd #flatlay #amateurphotographer #bookblogger #coffeesesh #styleaddict #millenials #classic #booklover #relaxin #memoriesmade #bluejeans #mondayvibes
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What I love about Stevie’s photos is that they’re quite varied at times. She has both colourful photos and more minimal photos and there’s a good balance of them. Also, her photos that are taken outdoors are absolutely gorgeous. And I have extreme book lust for the Pantone editions of the Puffin books that she has. I NEEEED *grabby hands*




My favourite thing about Celeste’s photos is that she uses block colour backgrounds for her photos as well as textured ones and patterned ones, but the theme is still very much clear. I absolutely adore her Harry Potter food photos because everything she makes from the recipe book looks so delicious, even the things I more than likely wouldn’t eat. Also, another bookstagrammer who has their cat make an appearance! I try to get my dog involved in mine, but he just doesn’t care. Not even when I bribe him with food, he just takes his treat and goes somewhere else to eat it.



Rhianna’s photos are so bright and clear that it brings my eyeballs a great amount of joy. Even though I’m not a big lover of flowers, I love how the flowers in her photos bring more colour and make things more interesting. So do the little butterflies she uses, even though I’m actually scared of butterflies.
Do you bookstagram? What are some of your favourite accounts? Do you prefer a bright and colourful theme, or a more minimalistic one?

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