Fairy Metal Thunder Read-Along: Week Three

Week 3 hosted by Tina of Tina’s Book Reviews
1. In the beginning of chapter 14, poor Jason is having a tough time at work. Its busy, people are rude, there are hot girls talking to him, big lady’s are about to starve, all in all bad work day. So tell us about a time when you had to deal with a pushy customer or rude behavior, did you freak, keep it together, throw a slawburger?

I’ve got plenty of times that I’ve dealt with rude people that it’s really hard to pick just one (most of them happened at school). One example that just really confused the hell out of me was when I was at school I was walking out of the school gates with my friend. We were talking and this boy appeared out of nowhere behind us, mimicked me in a voice that sounds nothing like my own and queried me about my sex. He asked me if I am a boy. Seriously. I don’t mean to be vulgar, but that was a moment where I just had to point at my chest and ask the question “what are these?”. Thankfully, I didn’t freak out at him. Just gave him a funny look and put him in his place.

2. In chapter 16 Jason is getting ready to shoot his rocking music video and perform for a crowd. Have you ever made a rock video, been in a play or anything that shows you doing something with musical talent? Extra points if you want to show us.
I used to do a lot of singing at school in the bands but as I’m incredibly camera shy, I don’t have any pictures or videos. I was also in the school production of We Will Rock You which was a lot of fun even though I’m not a Queen fan. Oh, and someone caught me and a couple of friends dancing in front of a class on video, which was incredibly surreal. I can’t find the video on YouTube but I’m only in it for a couple of seconds doing Joey Tribbiani’s signature dance move:

3. Speaking of videos, the boys have a little chat about Steven Spielberg in chapter 17, what is your favorite Spielberg movie? Can’t think of one…well then tell us about one of your favorite Sci-fi movies.

Just one Spielberg movie? But I have so many! Hmm, let’s see… My four favourite Spielberg films of all time are:


Raiders of the Lost Ark

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Schindler’s List

4. At the end of Chapter 17 the guys say bye to Dred who is getting ready to move, did you ever have to start over in a new school or new place when you were in highschool? Was it good, bad…horrible?

I’ve lived in the same house all my life and moving up schools wasn’t really hard for me since when I moved from Infant to Junior school, it was all the same people but moving up to Secondary school was quite hard because all the people that I did know weren’t in my classes and I spent the first year by myself. That was awful.

5. If you had a pet Unicorn what would you name it?

If I had a pet Unicorn I would probably name is Nightdancer or Winddancer or something like that. It sounds really pretty and mystical.

P.S. I’m away on holiday next week so I will have a post scheduled but I may not be able to comment!


  1. 20/07/2012 / 2:57 PM

    OH MY GOSH, great movie picks, I forgot about Jaws…lol

  2. Lisa @ The Garden of Books
    20/07/2012 / 5:36 PM

    It was definitely too hard to just pick one SS film. I loved Schindler's List!

    I stayed in the same district for school too so all my friends transferred schools with me and somehow I always ended up with people I knew in all my classes even when we had schools merge.

  3. 20/07/2012 / 6:55 PM

    I think you did good. The things that come out of my mouth when confronting guys like that…

    Great list of films. Would have loved to see the Joey move.

  4. 22/07/2012 / 5:17 PM

    The Joey Dance is a classic. Best dance movies ever! LOL

    And yay for you for putting that rude dude in his place! That's girl power for you!

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