Back to School Book Blogger Challenge: Day 9 – My Favourite Teacher

back to school book blogger challenge
Day 9 (last day!) – Share with us the story of your favourite teacher or mentor.

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My favourite teacher just so happens to be the best teacher that I’ve ever had. And that teacher was my Year 9 English teacher, who will simply be referred to as Mrs. C (because C is her last initial).
Mrs. C is still teaching at the school I went to, and she’s a bit of a funny character. When you’ve never had her as a teacher, you just don’t want her. She has a reputation for being a bit of a witch when she’s chewing kids out, and she’s pretty strict. However, when you were actually in her class it didn’t feel that way at all because she’s actually really nice. Obviously, if you break the rules and really get on her nerves you’re going to hear about it (trust me, I once got a two minute lecture because I asked to leave the room because I didn’t feel comfortable with just leaving while she was talking, and ended up interrupting her train of thought. oops), but she didn’t hold grudges. She didn’t have any favourites and there weren’t any kids that she hated for no reason. And even if she did (and that was incredibly unlikely), she wouldn’t show it because she treated all of us equally.
If it weren’t for Mrs. C I wouldn’t have any confidence in my academic life, and I certainly wouldn’t be studying English at university. At school I’d always done well in English, but when I was in her class my marks hit the ceiling. She made the subject fun, but she also challenged us at the same time. We were doing exam-style assessments every couple of weeks that didn’t feel like a chore at all, and she managed to make studying Shakespeare fun. And trust me, I know how much kids hate Shakespeare these days, and I’ve technically studied Macbeth three times (once when I was 10, another time when I was 13, and the last time when I was 17). Mrs. C has us doing GCSE level work without us even realising it because we enjoyed it so much. I was basically a combination of Lisa Simpson and Spongebob Squarepants in that class.

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(Literally me writing in that class.)
I was only in her class for one year, but I wanted to be in her class so badly for the last two years that I was at school. I’d heard stories about her being too demanding but I really wouldn’t have minded because I liked her that much. Apart from being an amazing English teacher, Mrs. C was a great source of motivation for me. When I was in Year 10, she got promoted to being Deputy Head Teacher, and if I ever had any problems, I could always go talk to her about it. My biggest academic road block was maths and she helped me get through it by telling me that I could do it, and I really couldn’t thank her enough for that. My next two English teachers were great too (Year 10 was a bit weird because our regular teacher took ill halfway through the year and we had a number of subs before getting a regular teacher, who was also my Year 11 teacher), but neither of them compared to Mrs. C. Sometimes I’m actually tempted to visit my old school just to see her.
Did you have a favourite teacher at school? What were they like?
Big big big big BIG thank you to Parajunkee for hosting this awesome challenge; I had a lot of fun with this!

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