Back to School Book Blogger Challenge: Day 3 – Memories…

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge
Day 3 – Share your most memorable school memory
To be totally honest with you guys, I don’t really like to think about school because I didn’t have a good time there at all. I got jerked around by the system and bullied really badly by the other kids, and it’s just not something that i like to think about a lot. But, I do have one particularly good school memory that I’m always eager to share with people!
Got your milk and cookies ready? Good, because I’m going to tell you a story!
When I was in year eight, we got a new kid in our class at around a quarter of the way through the year. His first day was a Wednesday, which is weird. Anways, on Fridays that year, our last class of the day was English and on that particular day our teacher wasn’t in so we had a sub. Now, the school I went to wasn’t the best school. As a matter of fact, the head teacher who founded the school actually got sacked because he pretty much didn’t care about what went on (no, really, he just sat in his office and ate chocolate for most of the day). The best word to describe my school is rough. The kids did what schoolkids typically do when they’ve got a sub for the day: basically nothing. To cut to the chase, the boy was asked to get something out of the cupboard at the back of the room, and he ended up getting locked in. On his first week.Β 
Nobody had a way to get the kid out of the cupboard and he was basically stuck there. NAturally, as the new boy, he had to come up with a way of not looking like an idiot in that cupboard so he starts shouting things from inside. My personal favourite one was “I’ve found Narnia!” It took until about four o’clock (school finished at 2:45 pm back then) for him to get out, but it was still pretty funny.
What’s your most memorable school memory?


  1. 21/08/2014 / 11:15 AM

    Wow! I would have hated to be that kid.

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