8 Romance Movies I Plan to Watch This February

Even though Valentine’s Day is a bit bogus these days (before anybody says that it was invented by Hallmark: it wasn’t.), I’m always up for an excuse to do things in a sort of themed or festive way. I don’t have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day, so what better way to join in the festivities in my single pringle way then to watch a crap ton of romance movies? I was planning on making this a top 10 list but once again I couldn’t come up with 10 movies so instead I have 8. Also, I should have made this post earlier this month, but I had other stuff going on. Oh well.

I have watched a couple of these films before, but that’s okay because I want to watch them again!


From what I’ve heard on Tumblr, this movie is supposed to be painful. And I like my romances to be painful sometimes. I will shamelessly admit that the only reason why I wanted to watch this movie is because of Anton Yelchin, but that’s perfectly fine because he’s gorgeous and I love him. And I want to see him go through some good emotional trauma because I’m weird like that.

I’m not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence anymore because she kind of gets on my nerves as a person, but I have been wanting to watch this movie for quite some time now, I just never really got around to it. It’s actually been saved in my Sky+ planner for over a year now, so I should really watch it (same with Like Crazy).

Okay, this one I’m a little nervous about because 1) I’m not a musical person 2) Romeo and Juliet is probably my least favourite Shakespeare play. But, this movie is supposed to be one of the best musical films ever made and is on a lot of top 100 lists, so that’s always a good excuse to watch something, right?

A more adult romance movie! Oh, joy! Now, when I say “adult” I mean that adult movies (porn) plays a large part of this movie. I have watched the first twenty minute to half an hour of this movie, but my on demand was being a bit spotty and I had to keep stopping it, but my patience just isn’t that good so I turned it off all together. And then deleted it because I wasn’t watching it on my TV. Anyways, the premise of Don Jon (guy who’s obsessed with pornographic movies falls for a girl who’s obsessed with regular movies) just sounded so interesting to me in my own weird way, and it just seemed like a different kind of romance to me.

I was going to watch this movie last year as a part of LGBT Month (which I really hope is happening again this year) but I think it’s high time that I watched it now. I already know what happens at the end thanks to pop culture, but that’s not going to stop me from watching this movie and hopefully enjoying it.

One of my favourite movies! I absolutely adore this movie about two centuries-old vampires (played by Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton) and I literally did everything I could to see it in cinemas when it was released (it wasn’t playing in my area so I had to go to the independent cinema the next down over because there was no way in hell that I was going to wait for the DVD), and then once it was released on DVD I literally ran to the shops to go buy it. I could easily watch it over and over again, so it’s no surprise that I have to watch it.

I’ve only seen the first three movies in the View Askewniverse series (Clerks is my favourite so far btw), but Chasing Amy really kind of affected me. I wasn’t expecting there to be a romance movie in the series since the first two movies and the others after are all comedies and the end of this movie left me with this really weird empty feeling. I’ll not say why but it was actually kind of satisfying. My only criticism though is that because one of the main characters is a lesbian, the way that lesbians are portrayed is very stereotypical, but I could just get past that.

When I watched this movie last year, it instantly became a favourite for me and I like to say that this is the Jim Carrey movie for people who don’t like Jim Carrey. Why? Because he’s not funny in it. Jim Carrey does zaniness really well, but he’s also an incredible dramatic actor, and I think that this is his best movie. Kate Winslet is amazing too, but we already knew that. My favourite part of this movie is that it completely acknowledges the dreaded Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope and then completely demolishes it. I wrote a full review on this movie, so you can check it out if you want to know more of my thoughts.

What romance movies do you really want to watch?

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