Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2020 🤩

A new year means new things to be excited for, and while I’m not the best at keeping up with new things, there are some things coming out this year that I am so excited for. One of my resolutions was to focus on media that I actually want to see/read and things I think I’ll enjoy instead of attempting to consume everything and anything that is released, so everything that I’m mentioning in today’s post is something that I really can’t wait for.

That, and they’re things that I know for a fact are coming out this year. I’m not very good at remembering release dates, oops.


Animal Crossing is a series that I would hesitate to call one of my favourite game series because it kind of relies on being social with real people at times and I don’t have any friends who play the game, but it is still one that I do enjoy a lot. When I remember to play it, that is. Of course, I’m excited for the newest AC game for the Switch because even though I do enjoy New Leaf, I’m kind of done with it now and want something new that isn’t Pocket Camp, because I just could not get into that one at all.


On the internet, people tend to respond to DC movie fans as if we murder puppies for fun, but I am not afraid to say that I am very excited for the two DC movies that will be released this year. Especially since Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 are both female-led movies directed by women (and BOP is directed by a woman of colour, which is even better). Although I have been severely disappointed with the behind the scenes decisions that Warner Bros has made recently (just putting it out there: I have absolutely zero interest in the Robert Pattinson Batman movie) I am still looking forward to upcoming DC movies (the batman is the exception) despite people trying so hard to convince me that they’re garbage.


I recently finished watching season one of the new Fruits Basket anime, and even though I know the entirety of the story inside and out because I’ve read it multiple times over the space of ten years, I am still very interested to see how the story will be adapted into anime form. They’re finally getting to the point where Rin is introduced, and she is one of my favourite characters so I can’t wait for her to be fully introduced into the series. I just have to wait until autumn for it to premiere though.


I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of this title, but I am a complete total sucker for vampires and anything that has ‘vampire’ in the title, so I was definitely drawn to this one. I haven’t read many of Jay Kristoff’s books but I do like his writing style and his characters, so even though I know next to nothing about this book, I am still looking forward to it. In fact, that kind of makes me look forward to it even more.


I have a bit of a bone to pick with Kodansha because the fourth volume of this series was supposed to be published in September 2019, but it’s been pushed back to February of this year. I have no idea why this delay happened, but all I know is that I really want it now. I could just go find a scanlation online because this series is a webcomic, but I don’t want to do that because scanlations aren’t always accurate. So wait I shall do.


I haven’t watched any animated Scooby-Doo things since I was a kid – even then I mostly just rewatched Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School constantly – but this is a movie that I am really looking forward to. As per usual, I’m not too thrilled about the celebrity voice cast (especially since these characters already have established voice actors who are veterans), but at least Frank Welker is playing Scooby because, to me, it is just criminal to have anything Scooby-Doo without Frank Welker. The man is an absolute legend in animation and I’m still salty that he wasn’t Scooby in the live-action movies.

What are you looking forward to this year?


  1. 14/01/2020 / 2:09 PM

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates that title! Empire of the Vampire is so generic and just doesn’t flow very well. I’m kind of hoping they decide to change it before the cover reveal, but nonetheless, I am SO excited to read it!

    • Louise
      29/01/2020 / 9:01 PM

      It really does sound generic, kind of like some pulp story from the 1940s or 50s. I am bummed that I got pushed back to next year, but hopefully it’ll have a title change by then 🙂

  2. 17/01/2020 / 10:26 AM

    I loved hearing what you’re looking forward in 2020, I think it’s great to have things to anticipate 🥰 I’m personally very excited for the third and last season if Dark – it’s a German Mystery Series on Netflix that I’ve been loving!

    • Louise
      29/01/2020 / 8:53 PM

      Ohh, I have heard of Dark, I’ll have to give it a look sometime 😀

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