10 TV Shows That I Will Always Love Forever and Ever

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I would honestly like to call myself a TV addict, but really I only tend to watch the same few TV shows over and over again. I’m not as adventurous with TV as I used to be, especially since these days I’m either online, reading or watching movies. TV shows can be a bit of a commitment, depending on how long they are, which is probably why most of my favourites have short episodes or short seasons. Just a heads up: I am an overgrown child, so the vast majority of shoes on this list are animated.

If, for some reason, the universe decided that I could only watch one single TV show for the rest of my life, it would definitely be The Simpsons. I’ve been watching this show longer than I can remember and I will watch pretty much any episode that is on when the reruns are on. Unless Sky1 decides to show the exact same episode at the same time every single day. I have watched this show so much that I remember quotes from not just the episodes, but the DVD audio commentaries too. My DVDs have been watched so much that I’m surprised that they even work anymore. Also, just try to tell me that the show has been ‘terrible’ since season 11. Try it, friendo. I won’t have it.


Another show that I’ve watched for as long as I can remember! I was three when this show premiered and I remember watching it every time it was on, just the same as with The Simpsons. The only difference is that this got cancelled in 2003 so my brother and I watched reruns of the first four seasons constantly until the show came back. I’m not that fond of the later seasons or the movies (mainly because the movies are overrun as hell, good grief), but I do have an incredibly soft spot in my heart for the earlier seasons, before it got a bit confusing with all of the reboot stuff.


Here’s something that you all should know about me: I. LOVE. Muppets. They are one of my favourite things in the entire world, and if they didn’t exist, I don’t know what I would do with myself. I used to watch reruns of The Muppet Show with my brother when it was shown on Nickelodeon many moons ago, and finding out that the first three seasons are available on DVD was one of the greatest discoveries I’ve ever made. However, I will personally go over to Disney and hold knives to their throats until they release the final two seasons because season four was announced in 2009 and it still isn’t out yet. Hop to it, Disney, I’m impatient.

This show is the most recent favourite of mine in the sense that I watched all of it in a week literally at the end of last month. I finished it quickly for two reasons: 1) it’s only three seasons long, and the seasons aren’t that long themselves 2) it’s just that good. This show was pretty popular when it came out, and still is now, but for some reason I never got around to watching it until very recently, and I’m not even sure why. I’m very fussy about comedy, because most of the time I either find it dumb or I just don’t get the jokes, but with The Mighty Boosh, I didn’t find it dumb, and I got nearly every single joke because they were about things that I know about. Also, Noel Fielding is very pretty, so that helped.

I am a fierce defender of Superman, and I always tend to recommend this series to people who don’t really like superheroes all that much. Instead of being a strict action superhero show like the shows that are being made today, Lois and Clark is a romantic comedy and focuses on their relationship, rather than Superman himself. While Dean Cain isn’t the best Superman, he is one of the best Clark Kents that I’ve ever seen. Instead of doing the bumbling nervous Christopher Reeve thing, he’s much more realistic and acts like a normal person, rather than an alien who’s trying to fit in with other people. I’m not one for romance, but I do return to this series quite a lot because Clois 5ever.

I have yet to meet anybody who doesn’t like SpongeBob, because it’s just so good. Also, I’m talking about the first three seasons because the rest of them don’t exist. We don’t talk about the more recent seasons. Earlier SpongeBob is a modern classic, and I can never get tired of watching those episodes (apart from ‘Wormy’ because i’m scared of moths and butterflies so i’ve only seen that episode once, and that was when it first aired), and I’m constantly chastising myself for not owning them on DVD.

Fun fact: I still have yet to finish watching this series. Why? I’m not actually sure. Things just got in the way and I watched other things, and I know that I’m at season 7 but I can’t remember which episode. This was the first “serial killer” thing that I got into, and it’s stuck with me for quite a while but I definitely need to finally finish it some time soon.

I didn’t start watching this show until I was about sixteen or seventeen because I was only a few months old when it finished airing, and it wasn’t on TV when I was little, which is probably for the best because I appreciate it more now than I might have when I was a kid. I have a thing for weirdness and this show is so weird, as well as pushing so many boundaries for what kids shows should be like. There’s gross-out humour, there’s innuendos, it’s dark at times, and it’s violent, which are all things that kind of speak to my soul. There’s also the adult spin-off but we don’t talk about that. It never happened.


Out of Seth MacFarlane’s three cartoons, this is the only one I watch. I don’t find Family Guy to be funny at all because it’s nothing but pop culture references that I don’t understand, and The Cleveland Show just makes me cringe, but I do love American Dad, probably because this is the only one that Seth MacFarlane doesn’t write for, so in my eyes it’s funnier. I don’t mean to slag off the other shows, but that’s just how much I love American Dad.

I don’t really watch reality TV shows anymore because they’re, well, pretty dumb, but I do make an exception for Drag Race. I used to be a huge fan of America’s Next Top Model before they did nothing but gimmicks that probably won’t be used in the real fashion world, so when I heard that this show was a cross between ANTM and Project Runway, but with drag queens I was obviously curious, so I started watching it on Netflix and immediately became hooked. This is probably the only show that I actually keep up with these days and I even went to see one of the winners perform live last month. Best. Night. Ever.

What TV shows do you like to watch? Would you have any recommendations for me?

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