10 Somewhat Interesting Facts About Me

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Just as a sort of forewarning, I am not a terribly interesting person. I don’t do a lot of things, or go many places, or anything like that. However, I have tried incredibly hard to think of as many interesting/weird/cool things about me as I possibly could, so forgive me if my facts are a lot more boring compared to anyone else!

By a matter of sheer coincidence the Gothic stars somehow aligned and decided that I was to be born on Mary Shelley’s birthday. The very same Mary Shelley that wrote Frankenstein. This weird coincidence might be why I like Gothic literature and aesthetics, but it may just be a really strange coincidence, idk. Still, more Goth points for me.

My memory’s a wee bit fuzzy, but I think I started making GIFs either a year or two ago. I don’t really do anything fancy or make aesthetic edits for Tumblr, but I do quite like captioning quotes from TV shows or movies to use as reaction GIFs. I am hoping to GIF pretty much every DVD in my possession at some point, but obviously that’s going to take an incredibly long time because GIF making is incredibly time consuming. I have a tutorial if you’re interested in seeing how I do it (just a note: I don’t use any free software. If you don’t have/can’t afford Photoshop, you’ll probably have to do some Googling).

I really don’t. I obviously like a lot of book genres so I tend to read a bit of everything (except for erotic fiction. yeahh, it’s not my thing) but I never really cling to one single genre as an absolute favourite. Instead, I tend to go through phases where I prefer one genre over others or get burnt out from one genre and move on to something else while my taste for the one that burnt me out comes back. It’s a sort of cycle, but that’s just the way that my tastes go.

Last week I graduated with a BA (Hons) in English and Creative Writing. I didn’t get the grade that I wanted, but pretty much everybody I’ve talked to says that I’ve done well so I guess I did well? In October, I will be going back to university to do a Masters degree (also in English), and maybe if I think that I can do it, I might go for a PhD. The only problem with a PhD is that it’s not a taught course and it’s basically a lot of research. And I’m a lazy butt.

Okay, that’s a bit of a lie, but it still is technically true. Lewis Carroll was a regular visitor to the area so some people think that parts of Alice in Wonderland were inspired by places here, but he did in fact write most of Jabberwocky and also The Walrus and the Carpenter here, so Alice kind of was written here I guess? Other than that there is absolutely zero culture here, unless you consider a group of horrendously overpaid men kicking a ball into a net  to be”culture”. (there’s also a theatre where someone died on stage, but idk)

Yes, that’s a photo of him in the banner there, but aesthetics made me cover his face up. My dog is a Lhasa-Apso/Jack Russell Terrier cross called Max and I say that he’s an overgrown puppy because he’s basically our baby even though he’s now two years old.

I have this thing where if I get one thing in a range/series, I must have every single other item related to it. I collect tbi main things: books (obviously), DVDs, video games, makeup, and Pop Vinyl figures (because i’m basic af, but i don’t really care). I’m especially addicted to collecting Pop figures and I need them in pretty much every single thing that I love. I mostly have DC figures, but I also want Universal Monsters, Muppets, and Sesame Street figures too. They’re too cute, I just need them all >.<

When I was born, my mother was ill enough to have to take a couple of years off from work until she was better, so in that time she spent a lot of time with me and my brother teaching us how to read and write, rather than waiting until we were in school (which I started at age 4) to be able to read. I’m actually very grateful that my mum did this and everytime I see one of those quirky images that says “if you can read this, thank a teacher” I thank her instead. My uncle once asked her to sit with my cousin when she was younger and help her with her literacy skills and she refused to. Why? Because she (and also I) think that it’s a parents’ responsibility to help their own children with their development. So yeah, thanks mum. Without you, this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

Even though my degree is in Creative Writing (which means that I did quite a fair bit of writing in three years), I was writing before I went to university. I’d probably say that I caught the writing ‘bug’ when I was still in school because one of my GCSE assignments was to write the opening chapter of a detective novel (all of the other classes just got told to write whatever they wanted, so I guess I got the better deal?) and I tried to continue on with that novel for a couple of years and then abandoned it because I couldn’t figure out where to go from there. Oops.

My two absolute favourite supernatural creatures are aliens and vampires, but these days I’m gravitating towards liking vampires even more. I even wrote my dissertation on vampires, and I want to be a vampire author, that’s how much I love vampires. Some time in the future I’ll write a full post talking about why I love vampires so much, but for now I’m going to have to contain myself.

Your turn! Tell me something interesting about yourself!

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