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Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly blog hop hosted by Parajunkee’s View and Alison Can Read.

ACTIVITY: Write a letter to your favorite character. Rant, rave or gush…just pretend like they are real and you just want to let them know a “few things”.

Dear Tally Youngblood,

As awesome as I think you are, you really should have taken both of those pills. If you did, Zane would still be alive. He’d be a total bubble-headed pretty, but he’d be alive. But then again, I’m biased because I like Zane more than David. He had nice hair. That is all.


Happy Friday!

Louise ☆

Louise is a bookworm, writer, and aspiring librarian from the North East of England. When she’s not reading or procrastinating writing, she can be found dreaming up story ideas, watching anime, movies, or trashy reality TV, and annoying her pets.

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  1. 15/02/2013 / 5:15 PM

    Dang. I read Uglies a long time ago, but I've forgotten almostD all of it. At least I think your talking about Uglies, because if you aren't, then this is going to be very awkward….

    New GFC follower!
    Here's my #FF.

  2. 15/02/2013 / 9:07 PM

    I can't believe I still haven't read this series. Even worse, I own them all. 😐

    Was following via GFC, added Facebook 🙂 My FF.

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