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Q: What is the BIGGEST word you’ve seen used in a book lately – that made you stop and look it up? Might as well leave the definition and book too.

Most of the big words that I’ve came across in a book were in Dracula, but the most recent one was phosphorescent, which I came across in The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. It means to radiate light without burning. I think.

Happy Friday!

Louise ☆

Louise is a bookworm, writer, and aspiring librarian from the North East of England. When she’s not reading or procrastinating writing, she can be found dreaming up story ideas, watching anime, movies, or trashy reality TV, and annoying her pets.

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  1. 28/09/2012 / 9:33 AM

    I like the word phosphorescent…and it's cool to see marine animals on a nature channel that radiate light. Weird and wonderful 🙂
    Katja @ YA's the Word
    Old follower

  2. Annette Mills
    28/09/2012 / 1:57 PM

    Good word! I'm a new follower. Lovely blog… My FF

  3. Chelsey
    28/09/2012 / 2:44 PM

    I love Dracula! Ah, you have won my soul (: Love your blog, especially the name!
    New follower (:


  4. Donna/BLHmistress
    29/09/2012 / 5:40 AM

    wow, I wouldn't know what that word is either

    My FF

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